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Cyberboy2000    473

Hello operators!

We on the Invisible, Inc. Discord ( have decided to do a succession game of sorts (if you have ever heard of Chain of Command for FTL this is a bit similar) where we play one mission and then give the savefile to someone else and let them continue. A difference between this and Chain of Command is that everyone is playing at the same time and the savefiles are given to the others randomly rather than everything happening in a predetermined order, so you hae no idea who has played on your save before you until the event is over.

If you wish to participate, hop over to the Discord channel. We have currently set a 48 hour deadline for signing up, but we're not too strict so if you miss it by a little you can still participate as long as you get the first mission done quickly. Recording your progress is recommended but not necessary. Even if you're not interested in participating you can still join our Discord in order to keep track of progress, chat, and maybe join us in future events : )

Hope to see you there

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DGM    14

No way I can attend.  I would be interested in write-ups or videos for later, though.

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