Why is my caged Snowbird wearing a pirate hat?

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For the record, I don't have the Shipwrecked DLC; I've been debating whether to get it now while it's on sale or wait and see if it gets any cheaper during December(I scored Reign of Giants for $1.24 so that's what I'm holding out for for SW). Yet when I booted up the game today this is what I saw. Was this a recent update I'm not aware of or what's going on? I know SW got an update recently but that shouldn't affect RoG, should it?

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22 hours ago, starrynytex said:

I've never seen a Snowbird wearing a pirate hat but it looks awesome!  It may be a bug from the recent update, maybe try submitting a bug report?

I'm gonna refrain from reporting it because I think this is awesome and I don't want it fixed. :p I was just curious as to why it was now a thing.

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