Invisible Inc on nintendo Switch

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HumanKirby    56

I second this, I want it on the go, and generally having it on more platforms would be great.

However, I wouldn't get my hopes up, as its development has stopped for quite a while now, and Klei far more focusing on their flagship Don't Starve and its Together version. So really, the most realistic chance is to hope that homebrew develops far enough on the switch (it is looking interesting right now on that aspect) and that at least one person wants to port it by themselves, and something like this takes quite a while (I think the 3ds would be capable of it software wise, as there are several games writen in lua, but you would still need to write a complete supporting backbone (I dont think anything with Moai has ever been ported for it) and change the UI, and I can tell you, Invisible Inc's UI code is the least researched thing about II).

So really, I wouldn't get my hopes up at all.

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minespatch    31,160

I wouldn't mind seeing the Klei titles on Switch. Will get more people interested in their other games. Though Eets Munchies would fit better on the device.

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