Rhymes with Play 156 - HOT LAVA

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mewthemew    3,249

I saw some pictures of the game and looks pretty interesting.

If that guy with the cobra head and muscular man's body is a character, he will be my favorite. hands down.

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JanH    3,145

Hey everyone, if you missed the HOT LAVA live stream, you can watch the video-on-demand replay on Twitch now:

Watch live video from KleiEntertainment on www.twitch.tv

Be sure to check out the Rhymes With Play Dev Cast on Twitch every Thursday at 3:30 PM (Pacific)! 

A special thanks to @AretMaw, @Dorozco, @Mystikelh, @TaschDraws and @vixenine (from our community forums) as well as Half-Rose, Sillasion, Switezianka03, @Artrisy, and @Moeskine for sharing their fan art with us.

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