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[Help] Character changing

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ToastyStoat    397

I haven't seen a mod that can do that, but I know of a few console commands that can get that done:

1. ThePlayer.prefab = "wilson"

2. c_save()

3. c_rollback(0)


Instructions, warnings, etc:


Be careful when typing in your character of choice's prefab, Using a non-character prefab will

despawn you or sometimes even corrupt your save, so back up your save(s) if you plan to use this.


Use commands in order 1, 2, 3


1. Replace "wilson" in command 1 with any character you want to play as. There's a few exceptions though:

Wigfrid's prefab is "wathgrithr".

Maxwell's prefab is "waxwell".

If you're using a mod character, you'll want to find their exact prefab before attempting to switch.

If you want to be sure that you entered the correct prefab, try inspecting a few objects. You should hear your player of choice's voice (or see their inspection quotes) if you got it right.


2. Saving the world will save your new character, of course.


3. "Rolling back" to the save you just created should properly load in your character of choice without any glitches,

and you'll get to keep your inventory and recipes!


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