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Changing my [incomplete] Display Name?

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Hey there,

Not sure if that's the wrong place for this topic, so bear with me. I just registered and since I was so hasty to do so, I didn't notice that the display name has a character limit(umm, this should probably be more graceful - like let you write more, but not let you submit with an error message? slighlty bad UX :) ), so I typed away what I thought was "The Moon Watcher" only to stand in shock as I was sent to the next page and I saw "The Moon Watche" :o

So, I went to my profile, clicked Edit Profile - and Display Name wasn't there. I then went to Account Settings, and display name wasn't there either. So I've reached to the conclusion that display names are not change-able by the users themselves. However I'm hoping that an administrator/moderator can do that for me?:roll: I guess I can always register a new account?

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