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Posted (edited) Alright, so here's how this all started. So when I first created my world, I didn't set the world to start off with winter, but anyways, it was a normal day, I was collecting grass and stuff. Night was coming. I was just wondering around before I built a fire, while I was doing that, I found a skeleton with an ice box and a thermal measurer. Also a chest. I looted the chest and found some sweet stuff like an ice staff. So I thought this was too lucky to be my first day. Really lucky. So as I was just standing near my campfire and it started snowing, and I thought why was it snowing this early? So yeah, I wait near my fire until morning, and I ended up freezing to death. The End. Oh, and does anyone know if this is a glitch or something, because I didnt change my settings to start off with winter, as stated earlier. So yeah, long story short, I died I guess?


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Phoenix2601    18
5 minutes ago, BaconPancakes said:

Well, if I can't do that is there any other way I can steal it without being cursed or something like that?


You can break it with a hammer ;)

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