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I have dst and some of my friends have it but don't play it often enough. I really want to do a LP series with a group of people and let havoc reign.

I cannot run the server as My comp cannot handle it too well, Even when playing alone I get severe lag, I don't have the best internet service either so Really a lag less game for me is rare. I do like to have mods installed, though I do not like Over powered mods, I prefer a little challenge to the game than no challenge at all! The mods I use frequently is:
Andreas Nylleri Moon (My character mod)
Lunar Tools
Scythe test
Archery mod {Optional}
More equip slots {Optional, Mandatory if archery is installed}
More storage (The settings are set like this: Back pack: 12  Piggyback:14  Krampus: 18, Chest at default setting.) {Optional}
bee nice
DST fish farm {Optional}
DST MMO {Optional}


Add Me on steam:

Add me on Discord: Little_Luna #3033 OR

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Ananass32    0

I would like to join you on your adventures, I have sent a request to you on steam. Im Ananass32 on steam.

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I got a bit of an announcement to make on this, the reason why I have not been on DST is due to a common problem I have with certain games especially with server hosting. it is not the game it's self, it is my internet, I could be playing with my sis sitting next to me and I would lose connection to the game in turn kicking her from the game or she'll experience severe lag but I would not.

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