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Lightning rod range indicator and burnable entities

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axxel    73


I like the official Ice Flingomatic range indicator and its mod version, though the modded one had some crash issues.

Maybe you, DST team, could add that nice little circle to the lightning rod as well, please? I don't like the idea of measuring the building area by digging it. Also I had seen newer players place the rods not very efficient (huge overlapping or gaps).

Another thing I would ask is an color indicator to identify flammable structures/items, especially when placing the lightning rod and the Ice flingomatic. Some items/structures don't seem like they are made of burnable materials like the cooking pot.

Best regards.

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StealthBeast    26

I agree. 

The issue with using the ice fling's method of coverage preview is that a lightning rod's diameter is too big to fit onscreen. But there's  tons of workarounds.

What if a lightning rod had 2 parts, a base and a rod. ?ou place the base, and now with the rod on your cursor you can see the circle to walk around and survey its coverage. Or even easier, if you don't wanna make a new set of graphics, make it so the first click locks its preview silhouette in position, and the second click to the same area places it. There's tons of ways to make it work.

Regardless, even without the ability to conveniently get an accurate sense of the protected radius while placing it, we could at least get the ring for when we're previewing our placement of structures, like how we see a flingo's ring can be seen when you're holding an unplanted berry bush on your cursor.

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