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Custom hand slot item not appearing in inventory

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Danielance    9

Hey, i've come because i'm looking for help against a bug in my mod, The Scout.

This bug causes all of the character's weapons to not appear in the inventory when made.

Also, even though you can't equip it, it still takes up a slot in the inventory, making whichever slot in ends up unusable, because you cannot take it out.

The strangest part about this bug is that it happens under a certain circumstance.

If you run the mod alone, all the weapons will work, but in some cases, either if you're not the host or due to a mod running alongside Scout, the weapons will not appear.

Does anyone know how to fix this bug? It seems to be affecting some players who use this mod.

If anyone has any clues I would appreciate it greatly.

An example of the bug in action:20170709100928_1.jpg

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K1NGT1GER609    42

Well this is the wrong forum section to post your problem as this is the don't starve forum and not the don't starve together forum. Usually this glitch happens under few possiblities. First is a few lines of code that isn't there(goes in the main function):

inst.entity:AddNetwork() ----makes sure that everyone on the server can get it


The other is that the search paths on your mod for imagename and atlasname may be wrong, usually keeping the files the same name as the weapon is recommended. And last is that if your using the wand template that's here it causes some strange glitches that I really can't explain but in the end is just to keep trying to recreate it.

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