Need help with Character scripting

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9kittencorn    0
Posted (edited)

Hey guys, hope you can help me.
I'm trying to make my own character but it doesn't work.
The game gives me a "Warning", so something can't be correct.
Please don't delete this post, if I'm posting it into the wrong forum.
Here is the error-text :

[string *scripts/mainfunctions.lua*]:119: Error loading file prefabs/Ren
[string *../mods/Ren/scripts/prefabs/Ren.lia*]:62: function arguments expected near "="
LUA ERROR strack traceback:
=[C] in function 'assert'
=(tail call) ?
scripts/mods.lua(593.1) in function 'RegisterPrefabs'
scripts/gamelogic.lua(226.1) in function 'LoadAssets'

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alainmcd    863


The error means the Lua interpreter thinks you are trying to call a function, but you didn't do it properly. However, it usually means you wrote something like this

inst:thing = a

when you meant this

inst.thing = a

Withouth seeing your codeĀ it's impossible to tell what the error message exactly refers to. You should find the source of the error in the line 62 of your Ren.lua (lia?) or the previous line of code. In the future you'll want to post directly in the DST Modding section.

And welcome to the forums!

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Lumina    1,514

It took me a while to see the error in your example...

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