Tree stump looks like normal tree after it's chopped down

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I'm pretty sure this has been reported before, but I wasn't sure, so just in case:


Notice how she's holding the axe, and my mouse is over the tree, and it shows no chop option.  Even if I was holding Alt, it would have said that I can right click to chop down the tree below.

I chopped the tree like normal, and it showed a stump for under a second, and quickly reverted to the tree image, though it is still a stump.

I am using Windows 7.

It's obvious that I'm using some mods, but none of them really change the game mechanics.  They're all solely for displaying more information, or fixing some minor annoyances (like unorganized inventories).  Here is the list:

Combined Status

Craft Pot

Crafting Paws

Detailed Tooltips

Display Food Values

DS Equipment Switcher

Health Info

Minimap HUD


Sort Inventory


Wormhole Marks

I highly doubt any of those mods caused that problem, it's probably the game.

EDIT:  First of all, the glitch goes away when you get off and get back on, as expected.

Second of all, the same thing happened to two saplings/twigs!  Maybe it happens if the wind blows it down while you're picking/chopping something?  In all cases the wind was blowing pretty hard.

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