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circulation of gas and liquid due to temperature

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RyeBread    0

I am wondering if temperature doesn't affect the circulation of gas and liquid. does it simply tranfer heat to nearby object or does it circulate?

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Lifegrow    175

I think it transfers heat from the pipe/substance inside depending on how much cooling is "drained" from the pipe.

To explain further, I set up two identical loops in debug mode. I had Hydrogen at -220 in a room, connected with a pump - I saturated two sets of pipes. 

One set of pipes was set to cool my batteries, the other to cool my natural gas generators.

After an hour of play the pipe cooling the batteries had risen to -190 degrees, the pipe cooling my NGG has risen to -150. My thinking is that as the NGG's needed more active cooling, they "leeched" more from the pipes, and so the temp change was more drastic. The pipes were similar in length and fully saturated (minus 1 tile).

Again - this is only my observations in debug mode, so could be utter nonsense :D 

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