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New stress relieving food

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Imagine a peach tree, but the peaches are blue and they glow blue. You feel a sense of calm while in the soft glow. You look around and see that all of the other plants are wilted.You decide to take a fruit. It’s glow drastically drops as you pluck it. You take a bite. Purple juice runs down your chin. It's sweet. The insides of the peach are purple and there is a big pit inside. You want more of this fruit. You pluck 1 more. You eat all of it, except the pit of course. You feel relaxed and sort of dazed. You pass out. You wake feeling hungry and you really need th use the bathroom. Beyond that, you have not a care in the world.


This is my idea for a new plant in the game. It is a tree. I think about 8m high and 2m wide (at the base, the leaves are 4m wide). It produces fruit and light. This light stifles other crops and reduces stress. Consuming the fruit gives about 900kCal. If a Duplicate consumes more than 1200kCal of this within a single cycle, they suffer a narcoleptic style sleep that lasts ⅙ of a cycle. They wake up with no stress, a full bladder, and are almost starving.


This food would provide stress relieve to duplicants, however it has terrible consequences when over eaten. I have drawn up some stuff and I will post it later.

Feel free to let me know how this blue sleep peach tree sounds.

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