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Very big Problem with Mods!!

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AndiK    0

One Mod didnt work since today so i tried to cancel and reactivate the mod wich didnt help.

The Client Mod was in the Server Mod Rubrik with an red arrow going down and the Statement: *Compatibility unknown* like shown on the Photo i made.

The i clicked  *update all* wich resulted in all my mods beeing in the Server Mod Rubrik again having an red arrow showing downside and the statement *Compatibility unknown* like shown on the photo.

Someone suggested deleting the folder, wich DOESNT WORK since i get the message something like admin rights are requiered.

Even when im in steam clicking on my files-abonnierte Objects deactivating them, the mods stay in the game and in the folder with the red arrow downside and this statement of beeing incompatible.


How on earth can i solve this problem???




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