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Should the beefalo riding animation be changed?

Do you think the animations should be different when the beefalo is domesticated?  

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  1. 1. Do you think the animations should be different when the beefalo is domesticated?

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Michi01    1,616

So when a player rides on a beefalo, it will look angry while running and the character riding on it will have a frightened expression on their face. This makes sense since beefalo are wild animals. However when riding a beefalo that is domesticated it doesn't really make sense since both the beefalo and the rider should be used to riding at that point. Even in the cinematic part of the DST launch trailer, Wilson and a beefalo he's riding look much calmer than they actually do in the game. So what I'm suggesting is that the animation should change when the beefalo is domesticated to fit the fact that it isn't a wild animal anymore. Beefalo even already have a calm running animation which is used when they run towards a player to greet them or to beg for food and when they panic. Below are images of WIlson riding a beefalo in the game and in the launch trailer.

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