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Cunning fox

Saving/loading problems.

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Cunning fox    77

Hi everyone! I'm trying to make a mod, that adds clans in game. For now everything works just nicely, except saving and loading. 

onLoad is here:

if data~= nil then
inst.clan_image = data.clanimage
inst.clan_name = data.clan_name


data.clan_image = inst.clan_image
data.clan_name = inst.clan_name

And my prefab post inits:

	if not inst.clanicon then
		inst.clanicon = SpawnPrefab("clanicon")
	if inst.clanicon then
	--Обновляем картинку. Если не в клане, то сбросим до 0
		inst.clan_image = inst.clan_image or 0
		inst.clanicon.AnimState:PushAnimation("clan_"..inst.clan_image, true)
	inst.clan_members_count = inst.clan_members_count or 0
	inst.OnSave = OnSave
	inst.OnLoad = OnLoad

My whole mod is here:

I've added some prints, and found that in OnLoad everything works fine, but in PrefabPostInit everything is nil... 

Thanks everyone for your replies!

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Cunning fox    77
5 hours ago, Serpens said:

Maybe better use a component for this?
I have no knowledge about Save/Load in modmain, cause I think this is not a good way.
I would make a component that you add to every player instead.

But I know the chests mod has onsave/onload in his modmain, so maybe there is something whcih can help:

He did everything like I did.

I have no knowledge in making components. :D 

It's going to be much harder, than I expected:( 

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Serpens    351
5 minutes ago, makar5000 said:

He did everything like I did.

not exactly.

You see that he sets
inst.TimeToConvert = 10
in his AddPrefabPostInit function.
This would make no sense, if this value was already loaded.

So the solution is:
The AddPrefabPostInit is called BEFORE OnLoad is called.
Therefore you cant use the variables there. Instead you should use a function that is called after OnLoad.
For example
inst:DoTaskInTime(0.01,function(inst) ...end)

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