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Wilton, the Forgotten [inspired by the Reposessed]

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Sudura2017    449

Partially an old idea of mine, partially inspired by the Reposessed by The Curator.



The Forgotten



75 Health

100 Sanity

50 Hunger


Wilton's Perks/Downsides

Small Stomach - Most foods will be a waste due to his small stomach, but will still grant full health/sanity bonuses.

Mighty in mind, brittle in body - Half sanity drain from all sources.

Can't speak except in Umbral form

Can take many forms


Normal - Can go limp, same effect as a Bush Hat - Partially taken from Curator's idea.

Muddy - Moves 15% faster in Rain, moves 10% slower normally - If you have a Rose Skin, it will stay as Rose. - Has mud on his bones - Gain from reviving in a grave

Charred - Immune to fire, weak to Rain - If you have a Survivor skin, it will stay as Survivor - Has an aura of fire around him. - Gain from reviving from a Charred Skeleton.

Umbral - Stronger in body, weaker in mind. - If you have a Shadow skin, it will stay as Shadow - Has an aura of Shadow around him like the Reanimated Skeleton - Gain by being dead while somebody uses a Shadow Atrium on a Skeleton. (Won't work if no Wilton is dead)


The Triumphant - Dark grey color with white eyes and nose. with the effect of the Ancient Cane when he walks.

The Survivor - Fossil Skeleton, similar in appearance to the Stalker Skeleton, yelllowed and decaying. - In BigPortrait, holding one of his arms on with the other.

The Guest of Honor - Mustache, Monacle and Bowtie! - Polished bones (shiny white instead of dirty) - In BigPortrait, has a Cigar and Top Hat.

The Florid (Rose) - Plants growing on Wilton's bones, green and other bright colors, grass and flowers.

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