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On 17/04/2017 at 3:07 PM, TheFriendlySpycrab said:

It aggravates me when my Spanish friends who is bilingual gets kicked from every English server we join.

We find a server on an early autumn day, go to the established base, and have my friend kicked! JUST BECAUSEĀ THEIR NAME IS SPANISH

This isn't really a problem now since they changed their name, but it is still stupid how people kick and ban because if your name is in a different language, you can only speak that language.

People are too quick to assume at times, its sad really. I don't mind being around people who join English Servers even with a small amount of English, as long as they are able to speak a little, they are welcome with open arms with me. I don't mind people with poor communication skills staying with me, and you get use to it eventually. Hope that doesn't sound rude, but it is easy enough to an extent to realise what they're trying to tell you and it is actually quite nice even though they lack the ability to speak good English, that they are able to function around people and help around with the English-Speaking server. Makes me wish I was bilingual at times, would be nice to help single language speakers on servers that they enjoy that can't speak English as fluent.

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