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Steam cloud sync broken

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After I reinstall the game it creates only remotecache.vdf file in 219740 folder and nothing more. Earlier if I do that it's always creates remote folder and all files in it. It seems that sync is broken. Don't know what to do... I have a backup of save files but they won't upload on steam cloud.

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JanH    3,315

When you close a game, your Steam client syncs automatically as long as the Steam Cloud Synchronization option is enabled. First off, please ensure that you are logged into the same Steam account where you played the game previously.

From there please ensure that Steam Cloud synchronization is enabled for Don't Starve:

  1. Go to your Steam games library and right-click on Don't Starve; choose "Properties"
  2. The "Properties" window will pop-up; click on the "Updates" Tab;
  3. Check "Enable Steam Cloud Synchronization for Don't Starve" and click on "Close."


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