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Well I've played this masterpiece for 16 hours (between my laptop and PC) with two Colonies per device. I may not have as many hours of play as most, but the following are some suggestions I have so far.


 So far it seems that making a "sustainable" colony is impossible. It would be great to add a sustainability factor to the game and add mechanics like jamming on mechanical devices, illnesses (colds, flu, etc.) with skill and movement penalties, injuries with movement and skill penalties, over heating elements for mechanical and electronic devices that chance destruction, general wear and tear on all buildings and age factor on dupes to balance increase sustainability, that way there are things to still "stress" about.

Automated Buildings:

Adding automated farming, drilling and harvesting that can be researched and built.


Increasing creature spawn, types that spawn and creature breading.

Finally I would love to see a co-operative game mode like Don't Stave Together.

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PickPay    37

As of the current Thermal Update and water being unlimited sustainability can pretty much be achieved.

Some sort of maintenance could indeed force you out of the base threatening sustainability. But I'm not sure thats the way to go.

Automating basic and repetitive tasks through research would be nice.

More creatures sounds fun (they die way too easily at the moment imo)

I haven't played Don't Starve Together but coop sounds like a good idea at first.

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