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[RESOLVED]Boat durability and inventory overlapped by main inventory

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eboLag    4

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Do you use mods?
         Yes, used mods: Combined Status, Display Food Values v2., Geometric Placement, Ice Fling Range Check, SmartCrockPot, Wormhole Marks

Version Number


Issue title

       When I get into a boat/raft in Shipwrecked, the durability meter and the inventory of the boat are behind the main inventory, in other words, they're            overlapped by it

Steps to reproduce

1. Hop onto a boat/raft

Describe your issue

I found the bug as soon as I started playing Shipwrecked. The durability meter of the boat appears behind the inventory bar, right in the middle.



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JanH    3,400

Hey there, could you try disabling or removing the mods to see if that makes a difference. With mods disabled and/or deleted, if the issue persists, please send us your log.txt file and we will investigate further.

Log.txt is in your documents folder at \Documents\Klei\DoNotStarve

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eboLag    4

Disabling the mods worked. Now I have to find out which mod was causing the problem, so I can work my way around it later. Thanks for the help!

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