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Language discussion (and a help request for learning Japanese!)

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I searched up whether there would be any topics revolving around languages in this section. So far, only found references to programming languages, but nothing closer.

This topic will be dedicated to languages, as with more specific ones, if more threads are created, it might become too spammy.

I'm at the moment trying to learn Japanese. Why? Dunno, lol, just want to. I've been looking through multiple words, phrases etc. and while getting rough ideas of what is what, I only got so far as to realising that each word or particle can often be used in many, quite specific contexts... And of course you have the three alphabets, but at this moment I couldn't care less until I van speak in the language quite fluently.

It's been a few weeks and I don't feel like I'm getting a lot of progress. I know 3 languages already, yet I have no idea about the phrasing itself; I don't think how to phrase things, I just do and voila, it's usually correct. How do you think I'm able to write the entire wall of text you see before you with just thinking a little about what to say and that being it?

Point being, I learnt my first three languages through being able to speak to people in them or hearing people talk in them. English took me like no more than 2 years to properly master, probably just one. And Russian, I still to this day don't understand how I learnt, because I rarely asked people "what does this mean" and so forth, yet I can understand almost everything a person would say in russian and could speak very fluently too (albeit my speech being a bit rusty in the language, because I don't typically speak to anyone in it).

So, if anyone out here can speak Japanese very fluently and could help me out in some way so I could get this stuff going through instinct instead of thinking ahead, then that would be much appreciated. Message me a PM so we could get each others' steam usernames for quick-chatting. Cheers!

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ImDaMisterL    17,748

You probably should make the title a bit more detailed so a Japanese user is more prone to click it.

I was learning Japanese for a while, though I stopped. That and Chinese are still my to-learn languages, and the main problem is I have no one to practice them with.

Good luck with your language endeavors, bud. Once you git gud, help me git gud as well :)

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