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90% of MODs I download becomes "Crashed!"

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nopaiznada    0

In total, I've downloaded Combined Status mod, 45 Slots mod, 99 Stacks mod, Minimap HUD mod, DisplayFoodValues mod and Too Many Items mod.... Only the last two of them worked and they were the only ones that the game popped the message to me that there were mods installed.... the other mods just have a message " To be enabled " and " Crashed ! " and " To be disabled ".... they just don't work... please I BEG YOU help. 

 note : looking for some answers I found a topic saying that you have to change the " API " version and I did from 6 to 5, and 4 to 5 and keep trying to change it, but either way the other mods don't work.







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You need to make sure you are downloading the correct mods from the main post, the result in not having done that is a fishy download that made lead your game to "crash" try reinstalling all the mods and take a look at each mod to make sure it's not the wrong one and that it's not a repost/edited version of the entire thing!

I hope this can help but if not I will leave an edit if I found anything

leave anymore information so that I can try and help you!

NOTE: make sure you are posting your thread in the right form

I don't play don't starve I play don't starve together and the mod options look alot different

you might need to post in the "Don't Starve Mods and Tools"

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