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[Help] Don't Starve Team DeathMatch Mod

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leechbr    0

Hi Guys ! I never tried to make a mod before but I got a nice Idea and wanto to share it with you guys. so we could make it togheter ! :)

Team DeathMatch Idea:

as soon as the server get 10 Players online, the world will be regenerate and the game starts. It'll be 5x5 and players won't be able to attack the other team till day 10. the first team to kill all the opposite team will win !

I've alredy played with some friends following this rule and was really nice. So, I want to make a mode that would be able to administrate it alone (separete the teams, regenerate the world, prevent pvp till day 10, announce the winner, etc)

If you want help me to make this mode, lets be a little more specific here:

* The game must start a contdown to regenarte the world to start the game as soon as it get 10 players with 5 players in each team.

* Players can type /red or /blue before the game start to change their team

* a red/blue glow must be placed in their foot that will indicate their team

* pvp must be off till day 10 and aftar that it will be enable

* as soon as all players from a specific teams dies the server must announce the winner and start a countdown to kick everyone, regenarte the world and wait new players.

That is the basic things that this mod must be able to do.

So... does some one apply to help me in this jorney? :)

thanks guys.


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Lumina    1,516

I don't know how to manage it, but you should search about custom game mode. There are some on the workshop.

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