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Current Hot Lava information and Discord server info

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Hi, Fateless here!

So this is kind of a combination of a few posts that have already been posted here in the forums but I wanted to go into bit more detail about two specific topics: current information on Hot Lava and the Discord server.

I've been following the game for a while now and have had the pleasure of hanging around in our community-made Discord server with some great people. And somehow we got Mark, one of the developers of Hot Lava, to join the server as well. He has been dropping some information about the game to us over the past few months and in a recent post made by Sinwave here in the forums, you'll see that we've been writing down some of the more important stuff about the game. I thought I'd post some of it here in a separate thread and hopefully start some discussion and answer some questions that people might have about the game. So, here we go:

-The original goal for the start of the closed beta was January, but currently it seems that it will be this February

-Beta keys will go out in waves, with the first wave being a few hundred keys. They will be handed out in a random order, so don't worry if you applied for the beta quite late

-System requirements are mostly unknown at the time, they'll of course be more clear once the beta starts. The plan is to make it so that the game can run on potatoes, so budget gamers like myself shouldn't have much to worry about

-The game will be built in the Unity engine

-The game will have full controller support

-Multiplayer will be very interesting. Basically, you can play levels with either random people or friends (6-8 people), with access to voice communication as well. Other players cannot collide with you though, so griefing isn't possible. If another player beats you to a rope for example, theirs will show up as a ghost rope to you and your rope will still be there for you to use. Certain community levels will have the option to turn on collision however, so players can mess around with each other if they so choose. You can also opt to play alone if you want to. The game will also have leaderboards of course

-As I mentioned, community servers will be in the game. Modding should also be possible (Steam workshop will most likely be supported)

-The game will have a level editor

-Movement system takes a lot of inspiration from source games, kz, and quake for example. However, bhopping and strafing for example, will be a lot easier than usual so these mechanics won't be too difficult for players who are newer to them

-Currently, we know of three levels: the school, house, and wholesale level. After completing each level, you will earn different badges and unlock modifiers for the levels. These modifiers include a lava monster that chases you, rising lava, and a rocket jump mode for example, with many more to come. You can also use multiple modifiers at the same time

-The characters in the game will be cosmetic only, with no different abilities or anything. Its possible that you can create your own character at some point, but this hasn't been confirmed yet

I hope that answers some questions that you might have had and I will gladly try my best to answer more in the comments, feel free to ask. You can find the FAQ I wrote with Sinwave here:

Now onto the second point, the Discord server. I truly hope that everyone who is interested in the game considers joining our fantastic server and chatting with the awesome people there. We have tons of plans to develop the server even further and organize events with the people there. Once the beta comes out and the game releases, it is going to be a great place to share strategies with other people and hone our skills together as a community. If you have any feedback about this post or the Discord server, feel free to shoot me a message here in the forums or on the Discord server :) Here is an invite link if you want to join:

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!


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