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Affirmation Station.

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LadyD    3,158

Welcome to the affirmation station thread. An affirmation is basically saying something nice, positive and true about a person. 

How to use this thread.
Tag some people- give some affirmations
If you got tagged then maybe tag the person who tagged you and return the compliment.

So here we go!

Makes really awesome games and has set up a great community here on the forums

Asparagus is the best person I have ever been shipped with- kind, funny and nice! 

Has a brilliant sense of humour and makes me laugh. 

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Mobbstar    13,203

@GiddyGuy is a good pal but a better fam and the best silkrobe wickerfu.

@LadyD keeps making nice threads unasked.

@Mr.P maintains law and order while also being a fun, sexy beard.

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Bebbit    2,753

@LiptonPee is a fantastic artist and somehow an even better memer.

@minespatch is polite and encouraging skeledorkus and a good artist.

@nome interacts with the community so much and is our resident Meme God. There's nothing not to appreciate about this guy.

@Mr.P is a good singer.

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nome    3,450

@PeterA is way better at code-review than I am, and unfailing in his willingness to help others no matter how busy he is.

@ImDaMisterL / @LadyD wake me up when things are broken, so that I can sleep soundly when things are not

@JanH keeps everything running with a smile even when we tell him "Good job, Jan"


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I don't remember enough names, so...

@everyon in this thread, the fact that you came here in the first place is great. Keep on doing, well, what you're doing. :)) Being nice, I guess!

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LadyD    3,158

@nome Is hilarious, always around to help and lovely

@Mobbstar Solves those riddles and challenges! Helpful and always polite and well behaved which to a moderator is a blessing. 

@LiptonPee Draws the things! Shares and is friendly, just generally fun and neat! 

@WaddleDee Who is sadly leaving :( . Super cute and kind, has been amazing and lovely. Just a real joy to have around! 

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ImDaMisterL    17,764

@nome is super fun to talk with, and I should chat with him more. He makes the community much more lively, and no meme would be the same without him;

@Fidooop Is one of the best programmers I know, and a great friend!

@Dudedude Is Lead Sprite, best art

@LadyD x @Asparagus is best ship

@PeterA Has worked in high places, has seen things no human should, and talks about forbidden wisdom as basic knowledge.

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mewthemew    3,504

@PiturcaClaudiuStef one of my first and best friends on the forums. you always give great ideas.

@DragonMage156 another great friend of mine. i love your dragon character (i have a friend off forum that has a wyvern as her -sona, and i accedentally gave her your -sona's ears when she doesn't even have any. whoops! )

@minespatch one of my best friends on the site. you taught me how to use paintdotnet well, <3

@ExtollerOfTrolls i absolutely love the ideas you have when we talk (plus your drawing skills are WAY better than mine)

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LiptonPee    8,590

i dont think ive ever participated in one of these, kek

@Mr.P literally my best friend, get stupid drunk w/ me forever my man

@AnonymousKoala my favorite memer, based god

@Youknowwho appreciates me regardless of whatever hot water we throw ourselves into, this guy is the only guy who i feel is going to read the entire furnace series just cause. both of my exes couldn't do that for me

@Zeklo impossible not to like no matter what he thinks of you, sry

and @Battal for trying to tolerate us all for years, thnx fam

thank you staff for also tolerating us, bless your poor souls

i could tag everyone but ghhh

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DragonMage156    16,863

@LiptonPee, @Pyromailmann, @NightWonder7, @Raven Crow, @minespatch, @Ysulyan, @Paxtonnnn, @mewthemew, @Starthefox, @Ninjanemo, @Aileen-Rose, @GarbageCabbage, @Quoth143, @rubidiumsart, @EsaiXD, @halfrose, @Dragara, @Selenne, @inhumanrobot, @50shades-of-blue, @damian-fluffy-doge, @ImpactedTooth, @DextersComicLaboratory, @The Letter W, @Dudedude, @TheBlob, @AquaRC, @The Noon Fish, @ExtollerOfTrolls, @Youknowwho, @Zeklo, @PanAzej, @SirKnight, @WaddleDee, @Battal, @Mezukie, @MenaAthena, @artistcrab (and anyone else I may have missed) you guys are amazing and talented artists and also a good friend. I always enjoy logging on and seeing new drawings from you guys :) some of you are also good at RPing and writing good lore ;)

@Mobbstar aside from good artist and friend, you have also helped me with coding for my mods and can't wait to see them finished ^_^

@Mr.P is really good at writing good RPs and lore and can help with story writing. He's also a good friend and funny when he's drunk :.P

@Storm137, I love your Pokemon/DS crossover story and can't wait to see more. You're also a good friend to Aileen-Rose and create some pretty funny situations, according to some thing in her thread XD

@Weirdobob is another good RPer but has also brought a smile to a few faces when they need it :)

I tried to think of as many people as possible. Some I know better than others but anyone deserves to be appreciated.

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Battal    9,856
30 minutes ago, LiptonPee said:

and @Battal for trying to tolerate us all for years, thnx fam


It's been rough

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Weirdobob    8,204

Man oh man one of these things again

Time to dump these buckets of sap all over the place

@Mezukie The best arachnid this side of everywhere, a great person to spend your entire lifetime with

@SirKnight The best friend a masked man could ask for, also really good at putting ink on paper

@InDenial [Anti-compliment]

@MenaAthena Good at taking compliments, not good at saying them, really good at managing an entire household in person and managing an entire rat chat in her free time

@Arlesienne Stalks literally everything on here and the gosh darndest amazing sunflower you'll ever meet

@TheKingDedede needs a monster to clobber that there Kirbeh and is also really friendly. Also understands my Youtube poop sense of humor.

@Pyromailmann gave me a bunch of crates in tf2 and overall a really cool dude

@JoeW Gave me ONI customer support and gave me a high 5 a couple years ago

@ImDaMisterL This thread needs to be moved(it doesnt) Really good at being a mod, really good at being a RPer, really good at telling dark humor jokes, really good at being a great friend.

@Chris1488 This is pointless, there's no cosmetics or unlockables. Way too interested in the everyday life of an anchorman

@the truthseeker I miss you, old friend.

@DragonMage156 Likes portal 2 and winged lizards too much, good roleplayer and fun to talk to whenever I do

@Battal Was edgy and salty and now is just wonky and peppery (Is also a good friend of Mezukie, and that automagically makes them cool)

@GiddyGuy Better than me at DST and teaches me not to be an idiot while making the farms produce 9 billion dragonfruit a second

@Paxtonnnn Worse than me at DST but is really hilarious and a really friendly albeit kind of dark minded at times guy(Which leads to some good dark/self destructive humor)

@Mack18853 Weirdosity wouldn't be what it is now if it weren't for your idiocy, countless deaths and romances

@Ysulyan gets my references to various TF2 Gmods like "soap"

@Mobbstar Still needs to add golf carts

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Starthefox    1,676

Thanks, Ria. (or Dragonmage I suppose)

I always looked up to @minespatch when I was browsing the forums without an account. They will always be importamt to me, at least while I'm on the forums. @Ninjanemo always inspires me to make great art just like them. And the same goes for @LiptonPee, @Mobbstar, @Youknowwho, and @Paxtonnnn too. You can improve, little buddy. Don't forget, @GarbageCabbage, too. They are one of my favorite artists on the site.


@DragonMage156, you make a good friend, even though you are a bit slow, you have a good heart. I'm sure you'll get your own talking axe some day ^^

Maybe one day, some people can convince me to rp in the summer.

And thank you, @LadyD, @JoeW, @nome, @JanH, and the rest of you for keeping the forums a clean and (mostly) happy place.

one day when I'm a senior member I'll return and give thanks to a few more people.

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Mezukie    2,824

@Weirdobob best at being the weirdo who stole my heart. And my money, my kidney, my time, my paper, my spi- <3

@Battal My best friend who deals with the fact that I leave him hanging in rps a lot, ONE DAY I'LL BE ABLE TO GET BACK TO IT LIKE BEFORE! <3

@DragonMage156 Amazing person who is one of the reasons I stayed on this forums in the beginning! Adorable ocs, and is a really good rper not to mention one of the best to respond <3.

@Mobbstar A cool guy who was the other reason I stayed here in the beginning. Amazing modder and friend <3.

@Mr.P Awesome friend who I love chatting to every chance I get, not to mention he has amazing lore and is a wonderful writer! <3

@LiptonPee DRAWINGS LIKE YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE! She has the skill that makes others want to draw! Not only that but she's amazing herself too! Two in one package of amaze! <3

@SirKnight Flufffyyy budddyyy! Great, great friend and huger! Good art I love to see and is always there . <3

@InDenial *Air hugs* <3

@Zeklo An amazing guy to talk to and have around, lore in treasure chests at the bottom of the sea where only his fishyness can get to it and likes to reply with a shrug to Menas questions! <3

@MenaAthena One of the nicest person I've met and an awesome friend who can draw amaze art! <3

@ImDaMisterL ONE OF THE BEST! Amaze mod, amaze friend, amaze talker, amazze everythingggg! <3

@GiddyGuy Fam who got your gardens for you! Love playing Dst with you and chatting! <3

@Paxtonnnn Awesome friend who draw really cute art! That or I have a weird sense of cute but it's still cute! He's awesome to talk to and play with! <3

@Ysulyan The best brother I ever had! Amazing art and personality! Not only that but being a dragon ups the awesomeness by a lot! *hugs* <3

@LadyD The amazing person who always has us play nice to with other and makes sure everyone's in line yet has fun! <3

I probably forgot people because I did this at night. I'll add more when I'm more rested! <3

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Zeklo    10,692

@Battal #1 boss critic

A fantabulous game dev with equally as fantabulous art. I'm jealous of dem sprite skillz and captivated by the rare shreds of lore they share.

@MenaAthena 2manyquestionz

A wonderful bundle of kindness and ideas, as well as compelling art skillz. Prone to calling people vegetables when speechless, and making people speechless too. Their writing is incredible.

@Mezukie hug bug

A presence you can't forget and bustling with unparalleled hugging capability. It doesn't matter what you do. It doesn't matter what you say. They are a very kind individual always looking to help.

@Youknowwho toasty toasted toast

A very boisterous person with an outlandishly unique imagination. Their ideas and stories are simply brilliant, and their art charming.

@Paxtonnnn thisdudetotallybroughta vargtocamponday8.

Albeit dark at times they have an incredible sense of humor in other areas. They made me into an onion once. Their ideas are also flavorful and man, does their poetry flow naturally. They've helped me personally in more ways they can know.

@Mr.P teddy bear

This dude is all fluff and capable of withstanding the endless monsoon of carp known as me. They bring the party because they tend to be the party. An event with them is sure to be a blast.

@LiptonPee beez

An incredibly inspiring artist, but enough about their art everyone probably already knows that because they're pretty much famous amirite. They're laugh is unforgettable and their presence is one that will likely result in oxygen not being including from laughing too much. They're also incredibly approachable despite their outstanding skill.

@Weirdobob tallbirds mcbird face

If an alternative timeline batman had a sister with two heads it would be this guy. They are so wacky that I had to invent a whole new word for it. "Djebbejdksjnajshkdndbbdjdjsjsn". The h is silent. Never got to know them that well but they got an endless amount of quirk stored where ever it is they keep it. They're sure to catch you with your pants down.

@DwerBomb shark

A wonderful dude with neat art and ideas. WAH

@InDenial !!!

Shoutout to their music. I love it.

@DragonMage156 happy^unquatifiable

Has too much good intention for their own good.


Great art, great music. Great personality. I was very tempted to misspell something here. ; )

@everyone else

Sorry if I didn't mention you, and sorry for the thinner mentions at the end. I'm supposed to be sleeping and well... not doing this. So take that as a valid excuse or something. Thanks for putting up with all my carp! ^_^ I know how immense of a pain I can be and it means a lot really. Thank you.


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this is new for me but i'll try 

@mewthemew for being my best friend besides many others

@Mobbstar for always having time to talk with me,and giving me a lot of advices and for being a truly very good and nice friend

@Mr.P beaides being a good writer,he is my best friend and i always had a good talk with him,and he also is a fun person to talk to and he also makes very good jokes.he also makes fun and nice streams to watch 

@Maslak for being a very good friend and giving me a lot of good tips for games

@AnonymousKoala for being a truly good friend and that i always had a good talking time with him and he is a fun and nice friend

@LiptonPee besides being a good artist that makes amazing she's also a good friend

@AquaRC is very good in art,and a truly best friend

@DragonMage156 is a very good and nice friend 

@Ysulyan is a nice and good friend,and fun to talk to

@YzarcCreations besides being an awesome artist and she's also a good friend that is nice,and a candy artist

@Dudedude has awesome skills in art and music and he is also my best friend 

@WaddleDee besides being a good friend she's also a fun person and a nice person

@Arlesienne besides being a good writter she's also my best friend 

@to the rest that i haven't mentioned thanks for being a nice friend and you are awesome





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SirKnight    5,949

@DragonMage156 - silly, weird, all around a fun

@Weirdobob - My best friend, a real heck, probably needs more chocolate

@Mezukie - wonderful and kind, super amazing and understanding and literally the nicest person.

@LiptonPee - seriously talented and skilled artist, an amusing person but who defs needs a comfy chair and some nice foods

@Mr.P - good dude, talks are always super interesting and insightful, quality beard

@Mobbstar - Does an art, is a smart, always gots good stuff

@MenaAthena - Cinnamon baby candy but who draws really well and is a good pal

@ImDaMisterL - big nerd, quality rp-er, a good pal

@AnonymousKoala - really great at pixels, super jealous, dude just needs every gosh darn hug

@mewthemew - CATS!!!!!!

@Ysulyan - dragons are good, and so is this dude

@InDenial - I could go through a huge list of things, a lot of reasons and such, continuously supportive of me, and always so gosh darn nice i could die happy. Would smooch 10/10

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ImpactedTooth    631

@DragonMage156  I'm really touched that you would include me in your list of artists. Since I've been terribly terrified of putting my work out there. You're very sweet!

@minespatch You're very friendly and I appreciate that you asked me about an art thread. I probably would have put it off indefinitely if you hadn't. Thank you!

Everyone here is so nice and polite. It's wonderful.

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ImDaMisterL    17,764

@InDenial Hates compliments. So this is a bit awkward... uhm... YOUR MUSIC IS FANTASTIC!


@Weirdobob A great friend I miss talking with and should seriously get back to doing that because gosh darn those he change a day from bad to great and from good to fantastic. And he did that when he had a depression, so imagine now!!!exclamation!!1!11! (<3)

srsly hes a beg nerd wif a werd addiction to gmod stuffs that r somewat fun

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AnonymousKoala    3,632

@Mr.P - Behind the wonderful beard, stands an even better person. From helping me evaluate my writing, occasional art, just jokes and friendly chatter, or support in the tougher times.

@LiptonPee - Love ya Fam. Great artist(original, I know), but also a great friend. In over 3 quarters of the events I speak of with P, you've had a just as important role.

@PiturcaClaudiuStef - Occasionally a bit thick skulled, you've taken a part in the events I talked about above as well. 

@Mezukie - The most huggable spider <3, as much as I would love to talk to you more, when we do get the chance, it's always a blast.

@SirKnight - On the list of people I must thank to the most. You've helped me so much across the last year, and am also fun to have around, no matter what you sometimes tell yourself. 

@Dudedude - As much as Ash, P, and Lipton are among my best friends, none of them knows some stuff personally as you do. It's nice to know more people who're going through similar events.

@Zeklo - Tbh the best fish.  I'm not even sure where to start, but an absolute joy to have around.

@ImDaMisterL - For being a great moderator and occasional friend. and also for not crucifying me after you know what 

@minespatch - We haven't interacted much but you're a good skeledork. You're also likely responsible for at least 1,000 of my rep.

@Mobbstar - Another great friend and a lovely person to be around. Also a great modder. 

@GiddyGuy - The best Wickerbottom. While we haven't talked much about the more serious things, when the tone is lighter you're always a joy to have around. 

@Pyromailmann - The best train I know. It's been nice talking to you here and there when we got the chance. I also thank you too, for not crucifying me after you-know-what.

@Weirdobob - Proffesional Smallbird-o-logist. Also totally OSA. We don't get to talk much but it's been great when we did. I still remember your help in one particular more serious time.

@InDenial - Another great person to hang out with, you're also a dork with amazing hair, which does really good music and sings quite well.

@Ysulyan - No dragon could ever replace you in my heart. 

@Fidooop - Wonderful modder. 

@Asparagus - The first person from the Klei Forums I interacted with outside of them. Also thank you especially for not crucifying me after you-know-what.

@Chris1488 - Another great friend I wish I could talk to more, but enjoy the times when we do nonetheless.

@halfrose - Ever since we met on discord, I've had quite a bit of fun talking to you, and your art is also pretty great.

@DragonMage156 -For bringing a bit of smile and innocence to our...err..corrupted, talks, occasionally. 

@DwerBomb - Wonderful person to hang out with. From serious things, to lighter ones, it's great to talk to you whenever we do.

@Maslak - Less personal and less serious, still a good friend I like to play things with and just share vidya game expriences with.

@Michi01 - Basically same as Maslak, only I've got to know you much better and I believe you've done the same about me.

@CaptainChaotica@Arlesienne@MeingroessterFan - I interact with most of you on the forums only, but it's always pleasent to read a new post made by one of you. 

@Youknowwho@MenaAthena@Bebbit@Neutral_Steve@AquaRC I don't have as much to say about you, but I enjoy the company of each of you quite a bit.

@DextersComicLaboratory (I think I reached the mention limit, if there is one, so I'll notify you myself) - Another wonderful friend, which I wish life would be even a tiny bit kinder to.


And finally, thank you to all members of the skype and discord group. The last year I spent with you guys has been amazing and has made my life infinitely better. Without you people, I'd likely not be here to write this.

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