Utter Disappointment: The Musical [Featuring: Bad Art!]

The deal. Seriously, Airline food. It's time to tell us the truth.  

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  1. 1. What's the time? Or, really, what should it be?

    • 18OO'ish. Allows for a better use of magic, and an overall more mysterious theme.
    • 19OO'ish. Allows for a little bit more technology! Besides, organized crime was better then.
    • Hah, the 0's are actually O's.
    • I am error
  2. 2. What would you do for a Klondike bar?

    • Something.
    • Nothing.

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Mobbstar    13,204

What even is that face? XD

Fancy use of simple stripe pattern. But the raised forearm seems a tad too long.

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Youknowwho    4,803

im back and with crap

alot more doodles of me because im funny to draw 


me but lilo and stich


me again but wave


me but pizzer


secret old thing 


me literally 24/7


the drawings in this one arent the greatest [i look like a knobhead]

though im always a knobhead

 but i wanted to make the joke

no guitar strings  cause i foRGOT



so as you see i clearly like the color blue and green together so there it all proves how amazing everything is

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