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Survive the Shadows Cover.png

Wilson P. Higgsbury fancied himself a scientist... Genius... A man who he felt could hopefully change the world... But when a creative slump mixed in with some trouble... He now must survive in a new world, new friends and... Strange creatures in the shadows...

Prequel: Survive the Shadows - Book of Shadows - Story (Complete) Survive the Shadows

AO3: Survive the Shadows AO3

tumblr: survivetheshadows.tumblr

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minespatch    31,272

Are you planning on animating each of the paragraphs you posted here so far? So far I noticed the first half is word for word like the animation.

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Aileen-Rose    5,076
8 minutes ago, minespatch said:

Are you planning on animating each of the paragraphs you posted here so far? So far I noticed the first half is word for word like the animation.

As fun as it would be to adapt almost all of Survive the Shadows into an animated format, I have no intentions of doing every last bit. Don't get me wrong I would love to but unfortunately it's a one woman animation team. Only way everything would get adapted is if I had a team to help me out.

But I do plan to adapt at least a handful of things from StS. Just not saying which parts. ;)


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Aileen-Rose    5,076

Survive the Shadows Chapter 2.png Survive the Shadows Chapter 2

Chapter 2: A Sense of Comfort


It seemed like ages before the sun finally rose into the sky. Thankfully, it rose right as the torch went out. Wilson sighed, falling back onto the grass. He hadn’t slept the whole night.


With all the noises who could? Though… even if it felt long… That was a rather short night cycle… I guess this world operates on different time logic…


Chester bounced onto his chest, looking at him.




Wilson gave him a tired smile, patting his head. “Now, morning’s come… Shall we try to find some breakfast?”


Chester nodded.




He got off of Wilson, bouncing in place, waiting for orders it seemed.


“Alright…” Wilson got up, finding himself a little shaky in the legs at first but got himself steadied and started looking around. His stomach growled at him a bit as he searched. “Augh… There’s gotta be something I can at least nibble on before finding something that can make a proper meal.”




Wilson looked to where Chester was, seeing the creature was sitting next a huge patch of bushes… Berry bushes.


He grinned slowly, rubbing his hands together.


“Chester… You're a bloody genius.” He said before hurrying over and starting to pick as many as he could hold onto, eating some along the way, savoring the sweet taste for a moment. “Yes...Yesss…”


Chester barked as he started putting some of the berries he could find in his mouth. It didn’t appear he was eating them though.




“WAH!” Wilson jumped, looking around, seeing a large turkey pecking the berries off of some of the other bushes.


“... Oh no…” He growled digging into his backpack, producing a small knife. “NOT TODAY!!!”


The turkey flailed a bit before running away in a panic, gone within seconds. Chester was looking at Wilson’s knife, almost like he was surprised he had the thing.


Wilson looked at the knife and back to Chester. “It was in my bag. I don’t even recall having one…”


Chester titled his “head” before writing something in the ground with his foot.




Wilson nodded. “Apparently…”


Chester nodded.




“Well… let’s finish picking berries here and THEN try to find something that can actually serve as breakfast…”




Wilson and Chester soon finished, Wilson slinging the pack over his shoulders again as they began walking, looking around… It wasn’t long until they came upon some colorful looking trees… as Wilson noted something hanging from them.


“.... Nuts. Chester, spot me.” He told the walking chest before starting to climb up.


Chester did as told, standing under where Wilson was on the branch. Wilson was careful as he climbed up the branches. He started picking the nuts, stuffing them into his backpack. He looked down where Chester was, seeing he had his mouth open.


“.... Are you eating them or storing them?”


Chester closed his mouth before opening it again, showing berries on his tongue.




Wilson grinned before dropping more of the nuts down into his mouth instead. His backpack was starting to feel heavy anyway.


Chester bounced around, catching the nuts as they fell. Soon as Wilson was done, he closed his mouth, letting Wilson land on him as a way to get down quicker. He landed on Chester with a springy sound, landing on his feet when he bounced off of him.


He chuckled. “Thank you my friend… Now we have these, and some berries… I’d say this is breakfast.”


Chester bounced in place, barking happily.


“Breakfast he say?”


“... Eh?”


Wilson turned around slowly… seeing some pigs… that were on their hind legs, looking at him.


“....Um…. H-Hello?” He asked hesitantly, not sure of what would happen. Pigmen? He never thought of such a thing.


“New human!” One of the pigs said. “When was last time human seen here beside Shadow King?”


“Long time now. King always hard on them and Grue always kill them.”


“Me think human hungry.”


“He scrawny.”


Wilson huffed a bit. “Scrawny!? I’ll have you know I’m rather fit for a man of my stature!”


“If you say so.” One of the pigs grinned. “You say breakfast?”


“He did. Maybe he can eat in our village. King had big harvest today. We killed Merms.”


Another pig nodded. “Long as he don’t attack King.”


“I-I would never….” His stomach growled, and he would admit he was feeling a bit light headed from not eating much. “... And I’m starving…”


“Come this way human.” One of the pigs said, leading him along, Chester following after.


They soon found themselves in what appeared to be a village full of other pigs, all going about their day and sharing food with each other. Wilson couldn’t help but feel dumbfounded at the sight of all this. He wasn’t sure what to think… but those thoughts waned at all the fresh food he could smell being cooked.


The pigs lead him to the center of the village where a rather large pig was sitting, who had a crown on his head.


That must be their king… He’s bigger than I thought he would be.


Wilson couldn’t help but give a bow as he stood before the king.




The other pigs came forward.


“King, we have new human in our world.”


“King, think it would be good for him to eat with us as sign of peace?”


The King looked down at Wilson, studying him for a moment before giving a nod.


“He stay. He feast.”


“Yay!” The other pigs cheered, lifting Wilson up carrying him off. “Feast! Feast!”


Wilson was stunned but couldn’t help but laugh. “T-Thank you for the warm welcome!”


“No problem human!”


Wilson was brought to one of the fire pits they had set up, soon being brought over some cooked meat.


“We killed turkey who was eating our berry stashes.” Pig said, setting down the meat on a leaf for Wilson to eat off of, putting some berries on top. “We made turkey pay.”


“I commend thee for the effort. Blasted thing got away from me earlier.” Wilson nodded his thanks before he started to eat, sighing happily. Now THIS is better than trying to survive off berries and nuts.


“So how long you been here human?” One of the pigs asked between bites of their own meal.


“I got here yesterday.” He replied, giving Chester a few berries to eat. “Ran into this fellow not long after and tried my best to just not get consumed by the darkness.”


“Good move, human.” Another pig said. “Never be in dark or Grue will get you. We pigs go inside when it is dark so Grue no get us. Grue mean shadow beast.”


“Yes, very mean. Like hounds and spiders.”


Wilson cringed. “Might I ask…. How large are we talking in regards to spiders…?”


A pig looked at Chester.


“About as big as your furry chest.”


Wilson felt a chill go down his spine. He had never been afraid of spiders but was certainly not fond of finding them in his equipment… and usually took some pleasure in sending one into the afterlife in the most swift way possible.


“... Joy…”


“They easy to kill. It be Spider Queens you should be scared of.”


“A-And how big are those…?”


“About the size of our king… maybe bit smaller. Big spider regardless. We no bother them, they no bother us.”


“We only bother for glands, silk and meat.”


Another pig nodded.


“Spider farm, dangerous but good.”


Wilson grimaced. “I’ll keep that in mind…” Though I don’t plan on being here long enough to consider resorting to eating a spider.


“Though monster meat no good for humans. It make you sick. Only good they give you is silk and glands.”


“That was what last human found out hard way. Sick for two days they were.”


“Good to know…” He hummed in thought. “Even cooked it’s unsafe?”


“Yes. Still poisonous. Rabbits are best source for meat.”


“They dumb. Leaving traps near their burrows and they fall right for them.”


“Duly noted.” Wilson hummed in thought. “Anything else I should be aware of…?”


“Hm… What last human do to survive?”


“They made tools… and other things… but we know not of how to make tools.”


“Humans just seem to know what to do. Me think it just part of coming here. They all seem to know.”


“Yeah, like science machine.”


At this, there was a spark in Wilson’s eyes as an image of a machine came to his mind. “Science machine… I’m intrigued..”


“It some weird thingy that allowed human to make better tools and things.”


“Yeah! All sorts of things! As long as right materials are present!”


“Human also set up camp somewhere in valley, near beefalo…. I think that what finally get ‘em.”


“They tried shaving beefalo during mating season. No good for them.”


Wilson’s eyes grew wide as his jaw dropped a bit. “What in the blue blazes prompted SHAVING the beasts!?”


A few of the pigs shrugged. “Wool is good for warmth in winter.”


“.... And beefalo look funny when bald.”


“Very funny!”


“But that aside. You may have better luck than last human.”


“Last human dumb. You smart.”


Wilson grinned.


“I pride myself on being smart.”


“You do good then. Make tools, find place make camp, avoid the shadows and most important of all, don’t starve.”


“I’ll do my best…” Wilson finished his food leaning back. “I vow to… I still have a score to settle with this Shadow King…”


“Luck on that.” One of the pigs got up. “Me make you food pack to help you on your way. You best find place for camp.” The pig hurried off.


“Yes. You welcome to village, but you must help self since we not always feast. Human need to be able to defend self.”


Wilson nodded. “And I would rather not become a burden. I appreciate the hospitality and generosity… But I’ve never been fond of relying on others to live. I stand on my own feet.”


“Good, good.”


The pig that had run off came back with what appeared to be a package made of leaves.


“This has meat that will last you three days at best. Find camp before then.”


Wilson gave a grateful look, taking it. “Thank you. I’ll be sure to. I appreciate the help.”


“We like humans. We don’t see many often save Shadow King, but he not kind.”


“He just mean. He keep to himself, he no care what happens here.”


“Well I do… And if I can… I’m going to take him down…”


“Again, luck be with you human.”


“You friend. We wish luck with friends.”


Wilson gave a smile and waved before he and Chester began to head off. “Till we meet again then.”


And I hope we can make it…




After a day and a half of traveling, Wilson and Chester discovered different things…. The beefalo herds he was warned about and a few spider nests he kept far away from..


But the ideal spot he decided to start building his camp upon was not far from either and at least half a day’s walking distance to the pig village. With that, he began to construct the tools he needed to get what he required.


Wood, stones, gold….


Chester sat patiently, rolling around the grass, panting. Wilson chuckled a bit.


He really is like a dog sometimes…


He shook his head, going back over his list of things. He smiled as he looked at the axe and pickaxe he had made.


“I’ve never made anything like these and yet it came so naturally…”


Chester barked, nudging over a pile of berries.  Wilson picked them up eating. “Thank you, I did forget lunch today didn’t I…?”




There was the sound of something running quickly through the forest that surrounded the clearing Wilson had decided upon. He swallowed hard, grabbing his axe tightly in both hands.




There was a howl heard as large wolf like creatures, with eerie eyes that glowed white stepped out… Running straight for him.


Wilson didn’t waste another second as he made a run for it.




He kept running as fast he could, finding himself running out breath as he kept going on. His legs were starting to complain and before he knew it… he found himself tripping over something.








The hounds had him surrounded now, all bearing teeth eagerly at him. A look that just screamed “lunch!”


Wilson was terrified, frozen for a moment, trying to process what to do. One lunged straight for his throat as he swung his axe down hard at its head. “NO!’




The hound let out a shriek before hitting the ground, turning into shadows, leaving a piece of meat and some teeth.


Wilson’s eyes narrowed before he jumped up, swinging again, hitting another hound, nailing it in the side injuring it as it came back for him. Move faster than them. Be faster than them!


The hounds soon gave up their attack, running away as another one of their pack mates went down. All whimpering as they ran away.


“That’s right you better run you foul beasts!” Wilson yelled, panting as he looked around to be sure there were no more stragglers.


There weren’t any thankfully, just the things the dead one dropped. Wilson looked at the meat, curious before deciding if all else failed he could just bait a trap with it and the teeth as well.


Can use them for knives or darts…


… How do I know all this…?


“Bark!” Chester hopped up to him, opening his mouth. “Rarf!”


Wilson smiled, plopping the items inside. “Well… shall we get back to work?”




“Yes! Now… Hm… What to build first… Well, first… need supplies.” Wilson put his axe away, getting out his pickaxe. “Rocks first, then wood. We need a proper fire pit afterall.”




Wilson grinned, running off getting straight to work. He had a gleeful look in his eyes as he started to break down rocks, finding minerals hidden in them and collecting the scrap rocks. Chester kept close by, helping carry the things Wilson found. Wasn’t long before they were back at where they decided to set up camp.


“Alright…” Wilson took out the rocks, making a circle out of them. “Heh… I remember once I went camping with my father. He said we needed to understand nature and that it would be good to get fresh air.”


Chester panted as he listened.


“He wasn’t too skilled at roughing it. But that trip was one of the few times it was just me and him…” Wilson frowned a bit. “One of the few times…”


Chester whimpered nuzzling his leg.


Wilson gave a small smile, petting his head.


“I’m alright my friend… I just don’t really get along with my family these days…”


Chester nodded panting staying out of Wilson’s way as he watched him work.


“Now… I believe I have enough to craft a science machine…”


Just hope this works…


He laid out the materials in front of him, looking at each of them carefully. He took a deep breath, starting to put them together.


This goes here… then like this… Then…




He jumped, seeing the contraption was complete and was fully functioning.


“It works…. IT WORKS!” He cheered running around it a bit. “IT WORKS!!!”




Chester bounced up on in down, barking with joy.


“Bark! Bark!”


Wilson sighed in relief coming closer, touching it…. Seeing the images of so many different tools run through his mind.


“Yes… Chester… I think we’re going to do just fine around here.”




Wilson smiled, sitting down as Chester climbed onto his lap. He petted his head, sighing in content.


“We’ll be okay.”

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minespatch    31,272

Usually I'm not one for one sentence paragraphs but due to the fast pacing, it works for the story. As someone who hasn't played my copy of the game yet, this preps me up for what I'm going to expect playing.

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Storm137    911
50 minutes ago, minespatch said:

Usually I'm not one for one sentence paragraphs but due to the fast pacing, it works for the story. As someone who hasn't played my copy of the game yet, this preps me up for what I'm going to expect playing.

Well keep in mind we are taking some liberties. Not everything follows the in game mechanic. ^^: So while we're flattered please don't use this as a game guide.

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Aileen-Rose    5,076

Survive the Shadows Chapter 3.png Survive the Shadows Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Fire Woman


“Come my dear… There’s a place where you can be free as you want… Where no one will think you’re crazy… You’ll be welcomed there.”


Why did I fall for that voice…? But… I wanted to leave that place so bad…


She couldn’t help but wonder as she looked around her. This wasn’t what she expected at all.


That old house… It looked like no one had been there in weeks…


“Ah, you’re awake.” Maxwell came out of the shadows, a grin on his face. “Sleep well, Lady Willow?”


Willow narrowed her eyes, flicking the lighter in her hands. “Slept well? After THAT!? That’s a joke right!?”


“Now, now.” Maxwell gave a flick of his hands, a rather beat up stuffed bear appearing in them. “Let’s not be brash.”


Her eyes widened. “H-How’d you find that?’


“I have my ways, Lady Willow.” Maxwell tossed the bear to her. “I figured you’d want it back.”


Willow went quiet, holding the bear close to her. “... Thank you.” She murmured after a moment.


Maxwell nodded. “You’re welcome, Lady Willow. Now.” He dropped a backpack at her knees. “It has some food and some tools. You’ll need them if you plan to live in this place.”


“Wait…. No map or anything? What about firewood?” She asked, standing up shakily. “Y-You’re not seriously leaving me here right!?”


“All things you will figure out on your own. My last bit of advice, don’t stay in the dark, unless you want Charlie to find you.” Maxwell disappeared as he was engulfed by shadow hands. “If she does… consider your life over.”


Willow shuddered, hugging her bear close to her chest. “C’mon Bernie… Let’s find some firewood…”


No way in the whole world are we staying in the dark… never again…




“Come along Chester!” Wilson called as he ran through a rock field. “We got gold to find today!”


Chester barked, bouncing after him, panting as he did. There were some spider nests scattered around the field as it were…. Along with smaller nests that had large blue eggs.


Wilson stopped in his tracks, narrowing his eyes.


“I don’t remember these being here before… Do you?”


Chester shook himself.




We’ve only dealt with spiders a few times… But this is different than those… These nests are bigger than I remember them ever being… and I don’t know recognize those blue eggs.


Wilson pulled out a spear from his backpack, having it ready just in case.


“Stay close, Chester.”


The two walked as carefully as they could around the nests.






He froze, seeing spiders come out of a nest. He looked down, seeing he had stepped on one of the webs.


“Oh you got to be kidding me.” He readied his spear, slashing at the two spiders. “Take this you brutes!”


The spiders hissed as they were hit before they reared back, biting at him.


“AUGH! You little…!”




More spiders came out… except these ones were yellow with black stripes, and bigger than the ones Wilson was slicing at.


“That’s a new one.” He swallowed hard, but did his best to keep fighting.


Instead of just slashing or biting at him… These lunged straight at him like jumping spiders.


But instead of hitting them… They got knocked into by the stick end of a spear. “How about we play nice!?”


The spiders growled, trying to hit again only to be knocked back. They kept trying till they finally let out a loud hiss, running back to their nest… said nest cracking and creaking as a giant spider emerged… A spider queen.


Wilson’s eyes grew wide.


“No… Oh no…”


The spider queen roared at him, rearing back to attack….When…


A large torch, fully lit, was shoved into its pathway.


“No ya don’t!”


A young woman, holding the torch, growled as she shoved it closer. “Get… BACK!”


Wilson’s eyes were wide at the sight.


“What in the…?”


She swung the torch in the spider queen’s face as it reared back, forced to back off. “RUN!”


The spider queen hissed at her before skulking off, other spiders following after it.


Wilson was still awestruck, looking at the woman before him.




She looked at him, panting a bit, before  an annoyed look crossed her face. “The heck were you doing wandering around like that!? You see those other nests with the blue eggs? Those are tall birds. A spider queen AND tall birds? Are you NUTS!?”


“U-Um…” Wilson found himself at loss for words.


A… Another human…? But… How...!?


The woman put out her torch before looking at him again. “.... Alright, can’t blame ya, no one really can expect a spider queen… I had to outrun one the other day…”


“I… I see…” Wilson walked around her, looking her over carefully. She watched him, backing up a bit when he got closer.


“W-What’s with that look?”


“You’re a human…”


The woman crossed her arms. “... And so are you...  I didn’t think there was too many of us here… Besides that CREEP…”


Wilson’s eyes widened a bit.


“Creep… Tall man? Slick dark brown hair? Suit with pointy shoulders? Narrow face?”


“And a sense of being a real jerk? Yes.”


Wilson growled.


“You met Maxwell too then.” He walked away from the woman, pacing a bit. “That mad man… He didn’t have to bring more in… What’s the point!?”


She lowered her gaze a bit.


“I don’t know, but it’s better than where I was before…”


Wilson looked at her with surprise in his eyes.


“This place? But this place has monsters everywhere that could kill you!”


She looked back up, glaring a bit.


“People make mistakes too… People can think a person’s just… some science project...  At least if a monster is trying to kill me, it’s trying because it’s instinct not some… stupid curiosity, wanting an answer for something even I don’t know!“


Wilson backed up a bit, some fear in his eyes.




She cringed, seeing the look, taking a few steps back herself. “... I’m sorry, that was out of line… I just… I made this deal, even if I don’t like the circumstances… I just couldn’t… couldn’t be where I was anymore…”


Wilson’s fear faded, now replaced with concern. He was tentative before going over to her, taking one of her hands.


“May I ask your name? I try to be good about my manners but I got a little distracted.”


“I-It’s fine…” She gave him a surprised look before it softened a bit. “... My name’s Willow.”


“Willow…” He gave her hand a quick kiss before letting it go, giving a bow. “Wilson Percival Higgsbury.”


Willow blushed a bit before she smiled. “Strong name you have there Wilson… Nice to meet you.”


He smiled a bit.


“Nice to meet you too… I haven’t seen another human besides Maxwell for quite some time now… Um…” He looked to Chester. “Chester… How many days again? I don’t have my notebook with me.”


Chester scratched into the dirt.


“45 days.”


“... Wow time really did fly. Feels only like it’s only been six to be honest.” Wilson rubbed the back of his neck. “Then again, time works so strangely here…”


“It really does… and night.” Willow shuddered. “To think, as an adult, to now be afraid of the dark again like I was as a child… This is far worse than an odd looking tree branch outside the window.”


“How long have you been here, Lady Willow?”


“First, don’t call me Lady anything, the creep did that and it sounded wrong, and to answer your question… About a week I believe?”


“Ah, sorry, habit.” Wilson cleared his throat. “I see… Well… you’ve made it this far.”


“Rarf! Rarf!”


Chester bounced up and down.


“What is it now, Chester?”


Chester nodded his head up to the sky. Wilson looked up as well, cursing a bit under his breath.


“Night is coming… And here I thought I was going to be able to get more gold today… Oh well, least we have plenty of food back at base.” Wilson got his stuff together. “We better get going, Chester.”


Chester barked as they started to go off.


“W-Wait…. It’s getting dark fast… Do… you want a torch that WON’T go out so quickly?”


Wilson stopped in his tracks, looking at where the sun was.


“Well… your thoughts Chester?”


“Bark!” Chester ran back to Willow, nuzzling her leg. “Bark!”


“... Well… I don’t have a torch on hand at the moment.”


Willow knelt a bit, patting Chester’s head before pulling out a rather large lighter, flicking it on as a large flame came out. “Allow me to introduce… Sasha.”


“Sasha…?” Wilson shook his head. “I won’t question it.” He gave a wave of his hand. “Come on, my base is this way.”


Willow followed after him, keeping next to him so the light enveloped them both. “So by base… You mean a fire pit and some extra food right?”


“Something like that I guess… I have a nasty habit of stress building.”


Willow shrugged. “Can’t be a bad thing-” Her words died in her throat as they came upon Wilson’s base, her eyes growing wide at the sight.


It wasn’t just a fire pit and some machines… if Willow had to put words to it… it was basically a house… no… a FORT.


Wilson kept walking, heading for the entrance.


“Like I said, stress build.”


Willow was dumbfounded. “Stress build… This is stress?” She asked, following him inside looking around at it all. There were gardens set up with things starting to grow, fences, what looked like a rack of weapons… and the main part itself.


Willow stopped short, looking at it. It could’ve been a simple shack for sleeping but Wilson hadn’t wanted to do that.


Instead what she was looking at, was a familiar sight…. All too familiar…


“Go ahead… Flip the switch my dear…”




“DO IT!”


She fell backwards, holding her head.




Wilson turned around, giving her a concerned look, kneeling beside her. “Willow? Are you alright-”


“No! He tricked me! He lead me to a place just like this! He’s trying to trick me again!”


Wilson’s eyes widened as he looked at her, seeing her grip tighten, tangling her fingers in her hair. He looked back at the house…. His house…


“What…? He…. Maxwell… Took you to my house!?”


“I don’t know! It was an old shack up in the mountains! He said there I could be free!”


“.... Was… Was there a sign outside?”


“Two… Private Property and Genius at work.”


Wilson felt horrified as he watched Willow for a moment. That described his house perfectly.


“... The portal was in the attic bedroom I turned into my lab….” He murmured, trying to rack his brain for a reason why Maxwell would choose HIS house to lead Willow to.


… I was the only one he tricked into building a portal…?


Willow looked up at him, fear in her eyes.


“... You don’t work for him… Do you? You’re not one of his creations?”


Wilson frowned, guilt in his eyes… Ashamed that one of his creations was causing this in a person. “No… I’m not an illusion Willow...  I don’t work for him… I just wanted to invent something worthwhile… Create something to show the world…” He lowered his head, remembering that night. “... I asked for forbidden knowledge.”


“Did… he speak to you through a radio too?”


“Yes…” Wilson looked at her carefully. “...Willow…. I’m not going to hurt you… I swear, we’ll talk about this more but we should head in now…”




Chester hopped over, pushing Willow into Wilson’s arms.


Willow let out a small squeak, turning bright red. “E-Eh!?”


“C-Chester that’s rude!” She’s so light…. Has she been eating much?




Willow looked at Wilson, still bright red.




“L-Let’s get you fed.” He helped her up on her feet, leading her inside the base.


The place was well decorated. Flowers in pots hanging from hooks in the walls and some drapes made out of beefalo fur hanging around the windows. He lead her to the fire pit in the center, letting her have a seat on a bail of hay.


“I’ll get food ready. You a picky eater?”


Willow shook her head. “Only thing I won’t touch is that disgusting purple meat spiders drop. Besides that, I’ll eat anything… I even tried eating a pinecone yesterday because I was getting desperate.”


“One moment then.”


Willow sat quietly, staring at the unlit logs in the fire pit. She got her lighter out, setting the wood on fire. She felt herself relax as she looked at the movement of the flames.


“Better…” She brought Bernie out, hugging the bear close to her. “Much better.”


She looked around the base… and couldn’t help but feel some fear creep up on her again.


I really hope this isn’t some trick… That Maxwell seemed to have powers that were beyond anything I’ve ever seen… I just don’t want to be trapped again…


“Dinner!” Wilson came in, a leaf full of meatballs in his arms. “Fresh out of the crockpot.”


Willow watched him for a moment as he came closer before taking the leaf. “Thank you…” She murmured before taking a taste… Soon eating quickly. If anything at least there’s food… But… Can I trust this guy?


Wilson let her be, slipping back where he came from. Willow, after finishing, decided to tip toe over to see what he was doing. To her surprise she found the man just working around a kitchen area, humming to himself a bit.


He sure doesn’t act like a delusion… Though what a show tune he’s humming…


Wilson just kept humming to himself, smiling as he worked.


“Aaaand… finished.” He pulled out another set of meatballs along with some honey ham. “This should do it for the night.”


Willow’s stomach growled… LOUDLY as she turned red when his eyes went to her. “U-Um…”


Wilson chuckled.


“Let me guess. Curious about how it all works in here?”


She smiled sheepishly.


“Y-Yes… How did you get all of this…?”


“Lots of gathering rocks, woods, gold and many other things.” Wilson brought the food over to the door. “Come on, over to the fire pit.”


They headed over there, sitting down as Wilson divided the food up between them.


“I basically devoted a whole week to just getting materials together… after that I just kept building and building this place whenever my nerves were getting anxious… and well… here it all is… Yet I’ve never done so much complex building in my life and had it work.”


Willow paused in her eating to contemplate it. “...You said you stress build… This world has enough stress to motivate you for years I bet…. I never even thought about settling down, I just wanted to keep going…”


“Well, you can’t wander forever. I’m still trying to understand the weather patterns and it has been getting colder so better to have shelter than be out in the open.”


“You have a point there…” She sighed, looking into the fire. “And it gets tiring… I don’t think I’ve slept decently in a full week…”


“You should probably get some rest then.”


“No…” Willow shook her head. “Not in this world… rest… can’t be an option.”


Wilson set down his leaf, touching her shoulder gently.


“You need to keep your mind in check. Sleep is a way to recover.”


She gave him an unsure look, gripping her bear tighter.


Wilson frowned a bit.


“Willow… I know we just met but I need you to trust me.”


“You sleep too then…”


“I can’t.” Wilson shook his head. “Someone has to stay awake in case Maxwell or monsters show up.”


Willow leaned back. “Then we’re in for a long night….” Even as she said this she yawned, looking and feeling genuinely exhausted… A decent meal after a solid week of berries, random carrots and whatever she could catch was making her tired.


Wilson smiled a bit.


“Well… challenge accepted as some say.” He got up, going over to Chester, pulling out a blanket, draping it over her. “Here.”


“This isn’t going to work….” Even as she said this her eyes grew heavy.


“You sure?” Wilson said as he stoked the fire, humming a new tune. Something a bit more gentle in sound. “You look tired to me.”


Willow set her leaf aside, curling up on the hay bale. “I’m fine… Just making myself comfortable…”


“I see…” Wilson went back over to her, putting Bernie into her arms. “Here’s your little friend to help.”


“Bernie… Thank you.” She hugged the bear close to her, relaxing completely.


Wilson kept humming softly, sitting by the bail, keeping the fire burning.


“You’re welcome.”


Willow’s head slumped as she fell asleep a few minutes later, finally calm.


“Got ya…” Wilson smiled, keeping close… sighing as he looked at the fire. “Chester… I was hoping it would just be me…”


Chester whimpered climbing onto his lap.


Wilson petted his head… looking at his left hand before taking off his glove, looking at the scar on the palm.


… What have I done…?

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minespatch    31,272
3 hours ago, Aileen-Rose said:


The woman put out her torch before looking at him again. “.... Alright, can’t blame ya, no one really can expect a spider queen… I

“... Well… I don’t have a torch on hand at the moment.”


Willow knelt a bit, patting Chester’s head before pulling out a rather large lighter, flicking it on as a large flame came out. “Allow me to introduce… Sasha.”


I got that reference. arielgoesheh.png

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minespatch    31,272

Alien Dice did a similar thing but the comic was the main element while the novel parts where supplementary to each page.

This feels more like a manga omake but it adds world building and humor to your story. Looking forward to more of these.

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