So yeah, here's my "Comission Quest" thing i've been trying to get to all week since my father and church have been interupting my art life this week. Hopefully this will be helpful to me and the people who pay me. I'll go into specifics if anyone asks, and I'll put this in my first post. Hopefully I'll add more perks and prices once I figure out what else I'm good at. I should start working on my jontron badge so I can add that as a example for $3/3 exp.   Started as a doodle and I went overboard. Got inspired by @InDenial's design and went on with it. I'll put all my tutorial pages on my page so you, @Bebbit, and others can learn from them: Quick facial sketch. I love drawing these monstrous and ugly faces to practice shading and just to draw ugly things. Update on the new character design to my comic group. Hopefully I just have to tweak it a bit more for them before I ink. New sketch. I'll be inking DyuraDyura after I fine tune him. I like the design since I saw him on the show but the wiki shows his transformed form and I'm not impressed. Definitely prefer the chibi form in the show. It's like something out of Rankin Bass's Mad Monster Party.
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