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[General] - Datablast affects EMPd safes

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Nxf7    33

Bug Submission:

Category: General

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Datablast affects EMPd safes

Issue Description: Finally found the source of random Daemons being activated in my games. This might even be intended but at least I can rest easy knowing what's causing the phantom daemons.

Safes that have had their firewalls bypassed with EMP and then looted can't normally be hacked after they reboot, but Datablast still does. This means daemons will trigger and presumably Net Downlink.

Save File attached and in slot 4 if you need it. You'll need to rewind once.

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Find safe with daemon on it

2. EMP and loot it

3. After it reboots, datablast the area until captured.

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