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Six Feet Under Release Notes (Steam - October 1st)

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the truthseeker    1,560

so.. im wondering, no more caves regen, thats really cool but.. all that non renewable sources its too big of a change... fireflies, horns, rocks are now really hard to get too, etc...


Will there be a change or rebalance for some creatures at least ? like respawning fireflies or respawning ancient guardian?



and another little question, ll be that massive "lag" be fixed someday? a lot of us have high end computers or at least really good ones, and still have like 5 frames or even less sometimes, usually in winter.



I have to say im happy with the update this time, lots of other bugs seem to be fixed :-). Sadly we lost a lot of good players cos of the save bug.



When I had to do a clean reinstal it helped with the lag. However i'm on standalomne and Steam could add to the game's co nflict, not sure on this. 

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