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debugman18    1,104

Hey! I'll be buying a drawing tablet for Christmas and I already made a pretty shoddy Volcano caves mod for SW. I know how to port this across and I'm very willing to port it, as a seperate mod with brand new features. I reckon I can get it to a decent state by the time 2016 is up and I already have L on board with the idea and Viva's <word I don't know>, like go-ahead? But not a go ahead. Like, IDK. Anyway, I'd rather this was done alone so we don't get unfinished work left to rot, and I was wondering if I could have your permission to do this. I also need to know how to stop it overwriting the main menu because it seems Shipwrecked doesn't support that.


EDIT: Also SW exclusive to take advantage of the many new mechanics it offers.


Let me start by saying I would be ecstatic about seeing U&A make it's way to Shipwrecked. However, there are a couple of things you *really* need to know first.


- The difficulty of a port. Go ahead, take a look.

- The exclusivity to Shipwrecked. My reflex is to dislike this idea, but there would be a great many benefits to doing it. We'll cross those bridges as we get to them?


Other than that, I'm all for it.


Also, are you the person with the really strange name on Steam?

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debugman18    1,104

So I may make an effort to update the mod for Shipwrecked / Single Player. There may not be balance changes, or new content, but at the very least, it may stop crashing before the game can even be played.

Don't Starve Together compatibility is *off* of my list indefinitely. There's too much involved in it for me, and a lot of it is beyond my skill level. I simply don't have the time and resources right now to make that a reality. It's crappy, but without Simplex's knowledge, it's not probable.

I don't know if this will go anywhere, but I thought I'd mention it here, in case anybody still cared.

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