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Found 2 results

  1. I'm looking to make a mod function that will allow configuration of calories (hunger) satisfied by food items I was simply going to change the tuning ie. TUNING.CALORIES_MEDSMALL = TUNING.CALORIES_MEDSMALL *FOOD_QUALITY where the variable Food_Quality would be set by the configuration But then a thought occurred to me, If I change the tuning for the host, would this also change for the client? Or does the client look at their own tuning.lua on their own machine Unfortunately its hard to test If this would only change the value on the host side, But, if so, then I will have to find another way to approach it. I suppose, it should work that the mod is installed by all clients with the configuration set by the host, so it should work either way? Wondering if anyone who understands the code a bit better would know off hand if this would work.
  2. [Hk]Config++

    Version 3.7.0


    Steam workshop link: GitLab link: Newest update on remote GitLab repo first then on Steam Workshop then here. Not enough config options in vanilla game? This mods adds: - stack size config - no food spoil in icebox - no fire spread - quick pick - craftable animals (birds, rabbits, moleworms, bees - forgot to add mosquitos) - craftable plants (no reeds) - craftable McTusk drop - craftable gears, Wigfrid items - 1 hit chopping and mining (compatible with mods that increase drop) - configurable light/flingo duration - configurable armors/clothes/tools/weapons durability - ... and much more! Everything can be turned off* and (sometimes) configured * please note that changes of durability configuration will NOT apply to items created with previous settings! DST stores each item statistics. There was some severe issues with even simplest attempts to make Thermal Stones infinite (Stale Component Reference error after 750+ days...) so for now they durability can only be increased (up to 100 uses) not removed. Link to previous version here (provided in case of any new bugs). There was WAY too many config options to desribe here so I'm just removing recipes section at all. 50+ item recipes in total, each with 3 different difficulty setting - that took me while Known bugs [rare] [lag] There is a bug within Klei logic regarding hot/warm Thermal Stone's light emiting (at least I think so?) - I recommend limiting usage of extended durability of those on dedicated/long running servers (or chilling Thermal Stones once in a while, that might help) - possible medium lag and nasty "Stale component reference" tens of times in server log if bug will occur. Bug hard to replicate - may never occur, may occur since Day 1. Might also occur without this mod [always(?)] [no lag -> severe lag (if overabused/releasing whole stacks of animals at once)] Crafting and killing animals will yield more resources that it took to make one. [always] [no lag] There are no chess pieces sketches icons therefore random pictures are shown instead. Credits I would like to thank modders whose code I stole referenced in this mod: Increased Stack size by ChaosMind42 - pickable animals & stack size part Customizable Telltale Heart by Snowhusky5 - Telltale Heart recipe alteration part Definitely go check out their mods (especially Customizable Telltale Heart if you are looking for more control)! Also, I saw general "adding recipe code" in waaay too many mods to point out where did I took mine from (I think I also read some forum posts) Same goes with options menu (it's not like I could come up with my own since DST comes up with it's own API). For the rest of stuff mod does - it's basically overriding tuning.lua values. I also used some hackish tricks to pack up selection choices (mod does arythmetics operations on selected option number instead of having list of 8 conditional checks - not really important tho)