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Found 15 results

  1. Because Art

    So, I'm new to the forms and figured why not post some of my "art". I'm not very good at drawing people yet so I'm just practicing. Now behold, MY CRAPPY CAMERA QUALITY! *dun dun duuuuu* based on art by Raven Crow
  2. Hey all, (I know it's my tradition to start new threads with hey all, >.<) I have decided to make a whimsical art thread, probably not too amazing, but I want to have fun and make artosity well then, let's begin shall we (so many words for one piece of art)
  3. o.o Poor Wilson went insane.....
  4. Ever since the winter update, certain recipes have been moved around. The wiki hasn't been updated in ages in terms of the crock pot recipe sheet. Anyone know some good, cheap crock pot recipes that restore a nice amount of hunger and health?
  5. So yeah i just went to my third check for mandrakes in all the grass patchs of my world, and not a single mandrake :UFirst i saw the perfect place for a base, near everything i could want. Then I made my base and went exploring...I havent found any mandrakes AND any tallbirds nests, I have the map 100% explored and i'm always checking for mandrakes in all the angles, but i havent found any... pfffI've got 4 walruses camps and lots of spider dens, 2 pig villages and a pig king, I just cant find mandrakes and tallbirdsffffAlso, does anybody now if i get a smallbird to grow into a tallbird, will it make a new nest? or it will just leave you and start wander around? :U
  6. If you play Don't Starve via Steam and can see how many hours you've played... I've been playing a few weeks and am already up to 67 hours! So addicted >.< Anyone want to make me feel better and tell me if you've played more? Please tell me I'm not the only addict!
  7. One of the major drawbacks to the Tooth Trap is the grindy effort of picking up each tooth trap and setting it back down each time you re-enter the game or they are set off. I understand that the former case is a bug which will be fixed, but the latter case still poses a problem, especially if tooth traps are your defense of choice against hounds who keep coming back. It would save some time and a great deal of frustration if the tooth traps could be reset without picking them up. Some ways this could be done: * RMB on Tooth trap resets the tooth trap without picking it up. * LMB on Tooth trap resets the tooth trap without picking it up. RMB picks up the Tooth Trap. * Some other UI mechanism which suits. (I would especially prefer the LMB option, especially if auto-action defaulted to that.) If it is felt that Tooth Traps are in some way overpowered, or subject to abuse, I believe that picking up, finding in inventory, and re-setting each trap is not the right kind of pushback, and maybe something else (a risk of the tooth trap going off on Wilson, doing reduced damage to him, a decrease in the damage or durability of the traps, an increase in the materials cost, et c.) would be less grindy!
  8. I wonder if the smallbird grows, and is equal to Tallbirde protects you
  9. Maxwell

    what if Maxwell is Wilson's father or uncle or some important male father-figure type role, and he either hates Wilson (because he did something bad, for which he is now being punished) or surviving is some right of passage for the alchemist. that would be a twist... lol any other good theories/ideas?
  10. so my map is just horrible with tallbirds and there all mashed up on 1 of my islands the only other tallbird i had was lost and was never found again any tips?
  11. Survived for 60 days and still going strong but right know my main objective is to make a meat effegy just so I can fell a little bit safer. But for that I need meat from beffalos and the eggs from tallbirds so I can unlock them and so my question is, do beffalos and tallbirds repopulate (respawn)?? Because I dont wan't to kill every single on of them.
  12. twice now i've succeeded in hatching my own little smallbird friend, and both times they're met tragic end at the hands of the cruel and unusual denizens of this world. I'm wondering if anyone managed to keep one of these tykes alive till maturity and if so, how long does that take, because i've managed to go quite a few days with the first one before the hounds got to it, and the second tried to box with a swamp tentacle, and the outcome wasn't particularly surprising. yeah, they come to your aid, MUCH like the mandrake. ALSO LIKE the mandrake, they're about as effective as wet noodles in combat. Anyone know yet if they can be placed into a birdcage? or are they too big? Seems like you don't have to feed them(yet). heck! DO they even mature yet? I could have sworn I read something in that they DID, but so far, all I have to show for my efforts is sadness, and two little graves marked "peeper" and "blinky"(not real graves, possible grief fuel hallucinations). I'm a terrible parent! T-T EDIT: anyone else think that these little guys should be named in a similar vein as the pigs? Also, is is weird that I think they should drop SOME form of remains, at least so you can give them a proper burial if they bite it? EDIT2: oh what the heck? why did this thread get dumped into suggestions?, if a mod sees this can they move it to general discussion? UPDATE: thank you for the move forum mods!
  13. Beefalos seem to slowly disperse after you've found them and i think this makes it too easy to kill them.Maybe we can have a kind of proximity thing where a beefalo will always be in some proximate distance from another but then how does the herd move? Maybe we should have a Alpha beefalo that moves the herd so the herd is never in the same place all the time and it would be harder to kill them.I think this can be very realistic as IRL grazing animals also move in a herd and follow an alpha.
  14. Today i saw about 4 bunnies around a tall bird and the tall bird just destroyed the bunnies in a matter of seconds.Bunnies? come on.How can a cute bunny like me ever think of stealing the tall bird's egg >:3