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  1. So I asked a question on the stream that I should have thought through more. It was regarding the daily reports, in particular, the power report. In particular this response is for Jared and @jambell. Sorry Jared, I don't remember your forum name. First, I really should have looked at the current one. It's much, *much* better than the old one. So, sorry for that. However, there's still some confusing components to my mind, and much of my confusion comes from the way the energy tab still offers information. Every one of my hydrogen and coal generators are wired to automation on a smart battery. I wonder how I could have overproduction in the kJ range. This I assume is the 100% shutoff and I'll switch it to 95% to make sure that they have a little bit of vig. However, defaulting that to a non-100% would be nice if that's the case that it's simply leftover material in the generator when the automation cuts out but it runs for that extra second or so. That's a lot of smart batteries for my builds to have to constantly manually change them, though I suppose I do that for the 0% side already. My other question is no longer a component of the report, but is involved in the Energy tab when you activate wires, in particular the heavi-watt. I typically have some 30+ transformers all on my main trunk. Now, that doesn't mean they're actually trying to pull 50kw, but the energy tab makes little sense, at least to me. I would have expected either to see all building on the network and sub-networks that could cause potential power consumption, or all the buildings and all the transformers (adding up to some insane value, I'm sure). As it stands, I really can't trust the values at all to tell me what's actually happening. In addition to that, it's very *very* hard to find my links to the transformers. For example, this base (early base) has 12 transformers: A jump-to link would be great here, so I can find a particularly enthusiastic transformer that's trying to pull too much. As it is, I have to scan the entire map to find a problem. Additionally, 120 w / 0 W? I'm not entirely sure what that's trying to tell me. The / 0 W could be removed for transformers as they just confuse the issue if we're not going to see them as potential draw. In this case, though, what I'd like to see is the transformer showing the actual potential on the transformer's small side circuit. As always, thank you.
  2. Hello, Thank you @Klei for the PS4 beta invite! I'm really excited to test for bugs on behalf of the don't starve community. I was wondering if it's okay to shareplay or stream gameplay? -PosterxG1rl
  3. Flare2V's PvP Thread

    Warning y'all now, I swear a fair amount. That being said, I'd definitely recommend you give my vids a go. I'll be using this thread to post various highlights/videos/arts of any nasty player encounters I have. Hope you enjoy! If you do, follow this topic and it'll give you a notification whenever posts are made in the thread/ the OP is updated with more stuff! EDIT 1: Here's a little bit of fan art regarding the above video, done by the wonderful Spritzzie! I stream daily at if you want more. Thanks for droppin' by!
  4. Skill or What? This is how we do it while being bad at videogames. Feel free to pay me a visit at Stream Schedule: GMT 2PM - 7PM.
  5. Flare2V

    Yo guys, take a look at this awesome Don't Starve streamer on Twitch, yo. He's funny, cool, helpful, and one of the best Don't Starve players I've ever seen. Take a look, right now, he's on a mission to make it to day 1000 in RoG. Thanks for helping out yo! My name is "Herodwarf999" thanks, ya'll.Yo guys, take a look at this awesome Don't Starve streamer on Twitch, yo. He's funny, cool, helpful, and one of the best Don't Starve players I've ever seen. Take a look, right now, he's on a mission to make it to day 1000 in RoG. Thanks for helping out yo! My name is "Herodwarf999" thanks, ya'll.
  6. Flare2V is the Best? Yo, have you seen this guy? Apparently he's been streaming Don't Starve solid for like, 7 months or something? And he only plays Wes, which is crazy And he made it day 1000 with him on standard gameplay And he made it to day 150 with Wes on Light's before giving it up for his most recent challenge Which is like, 100 Worlds? With Wes? Crazy stuff So, you know, check him out or something EDIT: Some tool told me I should post my his stream times, y'all can catch him around 3PM PST on a near daily basis.
  7. Head on over to My Twitch Channel to watch me play Don't Starve live! If I get a good turnout this may become a regular thing. I might pull a Don't Starve All-Nighter, so buckle your seatbelts and enjoy!
  8. Hey everyone how are you doing today? I will be starting the challenge proposed to me by my stream viewers. I have been challenged to last 1,000 days on default plus mode without any touchstones. They allowed me to make the map size huge, nothing else will be changed.I would like everyone to vote for who i play in the challenge. the only restriction is Maxwell as i have yet to unlock him. i am going to post tomorrow when the stream is up and give about a 15 minute grace period for viewers of the stream to vote as well but i want to get the voting rolling here and now. so your choices are;WilsonWillowWolfgangWendyWicker bottomWx-78 (is that his name?)WesTop vote getter will be the one i play ! cant wait to start this challenge i will go for at least and i mean AT LEAST 6 hours of play tomorrow. hope to see you all there link for pole
  9. 1000 Day Challenge

    Hey i apologize for not being around much to stream, some IRL stuff came up that had to be addressed. I am back now and for the fans im going to do a 1000 day challenge.YOUR mission ? the reddit/forums fans/viewers/lovers of Don't Starve will get to Vote for which character i will do the play through as. the only person you cant vote for is Maxwell. All others are open (yes guys even wes!!!) i will check the votes on reddit/forums tomm morning when i start the stream and play through !!!It will be a great opportunity to interact with you guys and allow you to control my destiny. i can also teach you guys some things about certain parts of the game you may struggle with (ie first winters etc). i hope to get a huge amount of participation and to see you guys tomorrow around 9 am est for the stream stream link is
  10. Streaming!

    Hey! I bought Don't Starve a while ago, but I've only played it a little bit so far. So now I thought I'd play a little! And I decided to turn the stream on. I am by no means good at this game, I just enjoy playing it and screwing around a bit Hope you check it out!
  11. Hello everybody! I'm going to be starting a new world with the updated client, attempting to survive in the caves for as long as possible. I'll be playing until I master this new and dangerous environment as my favorite character, Wickerbottom. Come stop by and say hello! Any advice or commentary on my progress would be most welcome, you could even join me on skype if you want to really join me for the ride.'s the link for my twitch page, so check it out - I'll be starting the stream soon!
  12. Hi Guys, can I transport my chests and structures? (like Science) The map has more areas, so it's very boring to transport the items from an area to the next.
  13. Hey Guys, Drakzis here. Just wanted to let you know that I am also streaming Don't Starve Playthroughs on my channel. I had others before that were quite lengthy, so now I'm doing smaller videos so they can be consumed in a littler easier. My Twitch Page can be found here: I like to interact and answer questions as I go, so feel free to use the chat. Cheers.
  14. will there be?... :\ it would be awesome and make more buyers! co-op 2-4 people playing together.. sort of a server that always running and anyone could enter whenever he want! same on multiplayer just on co-op only the players that are written there could play... while on multiplayer loads of people could play or even random server with more players
  15. Sorry if this isn't the correct spot. I am streaming and plan on doing so for several hours. If you wanna come hang out with me as I just got home from having appendectomy surgery feel free. Looking forward on tips and what-not! See ya there!