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  1. Greetings! As many of you know, @Fidooop has recently made an API for DST that allows modders to make their own skinned items, be it heads, equipables, and even structures! And as another many of you know, I'm a skin fanatic. So I decided to make this thread separate from my main one to showcase mods (that match the DS art style) that use this Modded Skins API. If you would like to have your skinned mod posted here and I have not seen it yet, PM me! I'll edit it together at a moment's notice. Now without further ado, here's the start of this brand new thread! Daniel, The Spectromancer: Made by the Company of Creators Daniel Jerry Claimed Souls Erik, The Tennis Player: Made by the Company of Creators Erik Racquet Playable Pets: Made by Leonardo Coxington The Medic: Made by CheeseNuggets Medic The Spy: Made by CheeseNuggets Spy The Engineer: Made by CheeseNuggets Engineer The Scout: Made by CheeseNuggets Scout <default>'s Festive Pack: Made by <default> Character Specific Craftable By Anyone API Exclusive Mala Mi, The Cosplayer: Made by <default> Mala Mi Barczak, The Merciless: Made by <default> Barczak Ayenth, The Scholar: Made by <default> Moonlens Staff <default>'s Festive Pack must be enabled to access this skin. Ron the Luck Seeker: By Dragon Wolf Leo Jinxed Doll Wollawossiky, the Pathfinder: Made by Alto Wollawossiky Ward, the Ranger: Made by Alto Ward Won-Il, the Defender: By Alto Wu Wisniowski the Sleepyhead: Made by Alto Wisniowski Sleep Cap This is all for now, but I hope for this thread to continue to grow big and strong thanks to you, our modders!