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Found 1 result

  1. Irrational/Stupid Fears

    So I made this thread because I have a lot of irrational or silly fears and I wanted to know what silly irrational fears you guys have to know I'm not alone in the stupid fears department. I think the most irrational fear I have is elevators. I don't know where the fear came from given as I have never had any bad experience with elevators and I used to love riding in glass ones. I know I've been scared of them since I was 10 though. It's actually really dumb and one day I'm going to be late for something because of it but I just can't get on those metal death boxes. Funny story, a friend and my father once tried to get me in an elevator and I ended up I clinging to the railing of the parking garage stairs for dear life. Another stupid one I have is meat grinders/garbage disposals, and I know when this one started. I was reading a book about a kid who got his hand stuck in a meat grinder and lost his hand. This fear isn't nearly as bad though, I just get nervous whenever the garbage disposal is turned on in my house. And my last really stupid one is very very oddly specific and completely unrealistic. Getting shoved in a robot. This one is thanks to this scene in Superman: Now Geni there's no other possible instance this happens in Tv or Video games, just stop watching Superman 3. Two words for you. Cybermen. Fnaf. This fear will forever haunt me as I continue being a nerd, it strikes by suprise, and leaves me with nightmares for weeks. Anyways anybody else got stupid fears?