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Found 2 results

  1. Dear Klei, I play lot Don't Starve Together and im angry when griefers come to ruin our base/camp/builds. I WANT from YOU to do something. This is not first time the griefers grief dst cooperative servers. Here i have proof of grief. Player name: Bo************ (his steam profile***********). Please Klei don't bother us with ****s that you cant do anything. server: Spiders and Such - Klei Official (max 8 payers) ITS TIME TO START ACT Here Griefer info :************************ | steamname: Bo****************** | steam3ID: ******************* | steamID32: STEAM_0:0:********************** | steamID64:********************** | customURL: | steamrep:********************* Pictures: (also attached) DO SOMETHING KLEI ! AND EVERYONE WHO EXPERIENCED GRIEFERS, SUPPORT THIS FORUM
  2. The Pig War

    The two pig tribes, Hogs and Swine, have been at war. Countless lives have been lost, and the constant Swine hordes have poured across the land, like a corrupted ooze, draining the rich world of all it's precious life to expand their overpopulated tunnels and caverns. The Hogs on the other hand, value nature above civilization, at the cost of their own well-being. Yet despite the odds, the war has been ongoing for years, and the only hope for change is the summoning of otherworldly assistance. Deep the Swines lost ruins, Explorers have found the Recall of Intervention, and unintentionally summon a group of the strongest beings across the universe: Humans. Basically, on one of the many worlds, Pigs have evolved into Hog and Swine tribes, and have been at war for years. The only hope of ending it now through earning the allegiance of a small group of summoned Humans. "Human" is a vague term, basically anything summoned from another world. Characters can also have just been normally born in the world of Hogs and Swines as some lesser race. What your character does is up to them. They can help either the Hogs or Swines, try to return home, or whatever. As practically every Dont Starve Roleplay requires, characters that have been summoned appear randomly in the world. Okay that's enough rambling, here's the dang character App: Name: Race: Age: Backstory(Optional): Appearance: Personality: Abilities/Skills: (Not gonna waste my nor your time with a "Weaknesses/Flaws" section.) Rules: Characters: Dannyrulx: Simarius IceKitsune Oliver sirscrubbingtont Chris