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Found 6 results

  1. Version 1.0


    DON'T STARVE TOGETHER VERSION If you are running your game on a potato,like i do,this mod can be useful for you. Configurable to remove the rain drop effect on terrain and to limit rain and snow particles. STEAM WORKSHOP VERSION
  2. Version 1.3


    If you are running your game on a potato,like i do,this mod can be useful for you. Configurable to remove the rain drop effect on terrain and to limit rain and snow particles. 1.1 -- Added option to limit also snow particle effect. 1.2 -- New Icon -- Aviable a version for Don't Starve Together 1.3 -- Hamlet support STEAM WORKSHOP VERSION DON'T STARVE TOGETHER VERSION
  3. I came up with the idea when I noticed that snow just never melts, untill winter's almost over.I thought at nights of winter: hey, it'd be usefull if that snow around my fire would melt to keep things visible.Though I'm not a programmer of any kind (except VBA ), I thought that adding this subtle effect could improve the game a little bit.Every update of Don't Starve, had all these little new things, it were things small and subtle effects I really liked in the game. Which all combined, make a great game.I thought I'd mention it, since nobody has done it. And it'd be a nice little effect, which just adds to the game.
  4. a filipino gamer conquers the world of Wilson and Maxwell.And this is my pilot let's play series.I hope I can entertain you guys.All comments(either positive or negative) are welcome.
  5. Greetings! In this thread of mine, I plan to pop a few things out for discussion, things that have grabbed my attention, ask some questions, and also try to suggest some tweaks or even new features! 1) Trees. I'll start off with the withered trees. I don't know if it's just me, but how do the trees even wither? Is it a random chance? Even if it is, I don't think it should drop a pine cone only. Perhaps a couple of twigs, aswell? When you use a shovel to dig it out, too, it seems quite silly to be able to fetch a full wooden log out of a pile of meager sticks, does it not? A twig or two would be a better idea, to my mind. Next thing, the pine cones. Whenever I'm lacking wood for the night, I start fearing for my character's safety, caused by my own inattentiveness. However, near-always I notice I've got a few pine cones laying around in my inventory, instantly abolishing the fear that should arise in me in such a moment. Needless to say, it's not too pleasing. Perhaps add a quick grow-timer for the trees, but not quick enough to survive without being consumed by darkness? Player's fault for not stacking up on wood, either way. And, the pine-grown trees. Actually, the lowest tier of trees. They can be found naturally as well. My bad. They drop one log only, which seems logical, but after digging it out, perhaps a log is too much? Replace with twigs, maybe, or a chance to spawn a rabbit hole!? (Kind of a silly idea. ) 2) Forest fires. I have a confession to make. I'm a pyromaniac, and I used the last suggestion to sort of mask that. (Pulling your leg here!) Now, we all know that running around with a torch in a forest is dangerous. You could slam into a tree, lose an eye to a hungry bird, or who-knows-what! I don't think forest fires should be defenestrated like that, constricted to a meaningless area of personal use, starting forest fires whenever you need charcoal, not whenever the game just feels like trolling you! 3) Mob ideas. Most of the ideas I had were already expressed by the friendly community on here, and props to you guys for that! I'm a big fan, so I decided to download the wallpaper. While scanning through the thrilling picture with a grin, something teased my eye... Was that a... bear? What a wonderful idea! Something like a biome could be constructed, in deeper forests, where bears could be located! That's right, bears. During the day, they could be lazing about, extending a paw to scratch you whenever you come near or prove hostile, but during the night, they could turn into predators! Makes for an interesting gamble whenever you're running away from spiders and/or hounds, and decide to venture into a deep wood - the bear could either lock its sights on you, or decide to chase after the trespassers that look more threatening first, leaving you time to escape! That's all I have for now, feel free to throw more suggestions into the pile!
  6. i love it that every map is randomly generated and the map i play is unique(3 mandrakes on the same road within 1 min of eachother near spawn, rare?). I'm slightly tired of this map and would like a new map, but i have no way of saving this world and having another world to play with, more over i would like to let my friends play the map i have and vise versa. so i suggest there be a way for multiple world save files and/or a way to share worlds or keep worlds with seed generation (yes, like minecraft). plus side suggestion of adding bears in forest biomes (they're a little empty) and bear dens. -bears eat berries and raid beehives and are neutral until attacked or you come in between them and food, or just plan hostile. bears drop berries/claw/honeycomb/manure. -bear dens are destructible spawners that yeld stone(high amount)/flint/berries/manure/honeycomb/claws when destroyed. -bear sleeps in them at night, 1-2 bear per den, bears come out when den attacked one last thing, snow biomes and/or winter/snow. what about them? donno... play with the idea. would be fun if you had to keep from freezing to death.