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Found 2 results

  1. Hey! It's Black History Month! And what better way to celebrate it than with a Shipping Post! ... Here are some of the memorable post (that I know of) that swept the nation! Not really! @Theinsanefruitloop X @ImDaMisterL = ImDaInsaneFruitL @XirmiX X @Pyromailmann = PyroMix! @T4T3RGR3NAD3R X TheMelondom = The Melon Lord Capy X Klei = Shipwrecked And For some reason: @NootNoot X @MenaAthena = MeNootnoot Are those the sounds of pitchforks I hear? ... Worth it! THE REQUESTS! @Mack18853 X @Strangerdanger101 = Mackdanger18801... MackGerGer? @SirKnight X @DragonMage156 = SirMage (sounds like Xirmix... come back already!) or DragonKnight... SirDragonKnightMage156... Shipped By Popular Demand! @MenaAthena X @Lord_Battal = Lord_Mattal/Batthena/LordAthena... so many names to make~ @Rabbitfist X @Lord_Battal = Rabbittal/Lord_Fist ( tee hee :3)/Fisttal (...) @acemurdock X @osmRhodey = osmmurdock/aceRhodey @MikeyMusic X @LiptonPee = MikeyPee... Mikepee/LiptonMusic/MusicPee... HALP!! XD The Shippening continues O__O@Chris1488 X @DragonMage156 = ChrisMage456/DragonChris1188 ~ Tell me if you want to see another ship made and I'll probably make it.. or you can make your own and post it here! Here's the official Klei Valentines Cards! ( @FidooopI rushed the post because dinner O__O)
  2. I am aware that the drawing is not the greatest. This is also a work in progress and a quick sketch (took about half an hour all together)I see a lot of Willow and Wilson ship around, and I was wondering, who could be shipped with Wendy? I was thinking Wolfgang, but then I decided Wes would be the better pairing. What do you guys think? I'm hoping to continue doing this drawing, and hopefully draw it on the computer.