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Found 2 results

  1. Ladies and Gentleman Welcome to the Second Season of the Klei Forums Mafiagame. I'll be your lovely Host for this event. You all know me you all seen me do my stick in other threads and the original Mafia but now it's time for me to take the rein into my hands and try to deliver a lovely and compelling game to you. For starters I like to make everyone known to the rules of the game again as well as the rules I decided will be nessesary to keep this game a tad more interesting Rules Map Playerlist and Status Roles and their Effects And now that this is out of the way I take a step back and let my intro roll and you guys now do your thing (note that this basicly starts you guys at the start of a day meaning you guys are at an RP phase right now) It has been almost a year since the traumatizing events that took place in that old mansion. You tried to forget them but they still lurk in the back of your mind as if they happened just yesterday. You lost friends and made enemies but most importantly the events scared you. One day you receive a letter with the following text “Dear friend As you may know the horrifying event we’ve been all part of have their first anniversary soon and some of us decided to remember the ones we lost with a little memorial celebration. If you want you can join us but I can’t expect everyone to come since most of us still want to forget what happened during these horrific days. Should you however have an interest then I’m more than happy to hear that. If you want you can also bring in more people as a type of moral support. The addresses as well as a map are on the other sheet send with this letter. Signed a good friend” At first you hesitate since you wonder why this “friend” doesn’t reveal his name but you give in and still decide to go as it might be a good way to see old friends and just remember the ones lost. After a few days of travel you finally arrive at the address. As it turns out whoever this friend is has a fable for the dramatic as you look at a small valley with a rather large mansion in the middle of it. As you approach the mansion you notice a few more vehicles parked in front of it meaning you’re not the only one that followed the invitation. As you enter you see a lot of familiar faces but also a few new ones. It seems like your friends brought some people of their own with them. As you have a casual chat with everyone you do notice how more and more people arrive. After a while a voice can be heard from the Foyer calling everyone towards it. As you enter it you see an unfamiliar man standing in the middle of it. His face was mostly hidden behind a rather large beard while his hair was rather shortly cut and both where of brown color. He wore a dark red robe that covered his entire body. An interesting detail however where his eyes. Even thou mostly hidden behind glasses you do notice a faint light blue glow behind them what seems familiar yet you can’t remember from where. As everyone gathers around the man he looks through your ranks and takes note of every face he sees before raising his voice. “I’m relieved to see how many did follow my invitation even if not everyone did. You all probably wonder who I am or why I called you here but these are question that will be answered to a later point for now I would love everyone to follow me”. Before anyone could even ask he turns around and rushes through the corridor and towards the basement. Worried yet curious you all decide to follow him to the basement. As you finally catch up to him again you start to look at the room you’re in and suddenly are alerted. The entire room was filled with coffins with glass lids. And inside of each and every one you see nothing but familiar faces. The friends lost during the events of last year all lined up and presented like some sort of freak show. However there was also the fact that all the bodies where in very good condition despite the ways each and everyone got killed. Some bodies even seem like they have been created from the ground up as their wounds left the body in unusable shape. You turn around facing the man who’s been standing at the door and notice a very humorless grin on his face. His eyes where focused on the coffins and you follow his gaze only to notice how some of the bodies slowly seem to move. You turn back around only to notice that the man’s gone. You also start to notice a weird feeling in your head. Before you lose consciousness your last thoughts are that this all must have been a trap and you walked right into it. As you regain consciousness you notice you’re back in the lounge again from earlier. You look around the room and notice all the other people as well as the now seemingly resurrected bodies of your old friends all around you. However not everything seems right as there’s also a dead body on the ground covered in blood. Before you can do anything a sudden blue flash gains the attention of everyone. It was the man from before and yet not. More like a weird holographic projection floating over everyone’s head. The figure speaks and his voice fills you with fear as you hear the words he speaks. “It took everyone quite a bit of time to regain consciousness it seems but now everyone should be awake enough to hear what I have to say. As you all notice some amongst your group where not who they seemed to be and used the time you all needed to wake up again to start their bloody work already. As you also noticed all your dead friends have been brought back to live. Well at least the ones whose spirits decided to return to our realm. See it as a little “gift” from my side for the moment. And some of you probably consider leaving but I should inform you of one last detail. If you look at your hands or other similar parts of your bodies you probably see the small runes branded into your skin. These prevent anyone from leaving this house until I feel like releasing everyone.” Before he can continue he gets interrupted by someone “And what if we do it anyway?” He turns towards the person and gives a humorless smile before he answers “I think it’s clear what happens if someone tries to leave. If not let me just say that if you at least want to be cremated after your death you won’t even get that wish fulfilled either.” The figment turns back towards the group “There’s only one way for you to get out. Find the ones that are not who they seem to be deliver swift justice to them maybe then I show mercy and let you go.” After these last words the figment vanishes leaving no traces behind. New Comic Pages
  2. Starting out Season 2 with AMAZING music, and a sweet base!Got all of our supplies from the last world, and this world is looking super fun!Can't wait to survive till day 100!Intro & Outro: TeknoAXETracks: TeknoAXETrack 1: Waking up from a DreamTrack 2: I've Got a Bazooka ManTrack 3: Run While You Can Boy