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Found 5 results

  1. this is a RP thread started by Me and [MENTION=8696]F3RR1S[/MENTION] that started in guide to demons Currently accepting new players under the following rules those wishing to join must PM stormfront not post on the threadl a sheet about their char.s species age powers etc. for review (bonus points if you write a small blurb about them for this page so storm doesn't have to write it if they are cleared) those who post on the thread with out clearance from storm shall be ignored and/or thrown of a cliff (storm's mood pending) we also ask that new RPers not create adult demons as we have a lot right now so non-demon char.s are more likely to be cleared at this time... ______________ players and their roles : Stormfront: Mallory,(green text) : Mallory is juvenile demon with malfunctioning magic that ended up on the island after an indecent in which Maxwell, due to a curse on her family line had no magic until recently. Tends to be protective of her few friends on the islands. Means well but can be annoying to the other group members. [age: 10?] [magic type: unknown/chaos] Wilson(dark red text) its Wilson you should know who that is, Willow(bright red text) also needs no explanation Aria (blue text), a young angel who crash-landed near the group’s camp. Aria specializes in song casting where a user casts magic through song. Non-combative aria tends to sit on the sidelines however she often intervenes when Wyvern picks on alibino [age: unknown][magic type: light/lawful] Schiz ( dark purple ), Mallory’s father, after she went missing he ended up tracking her to the islands. Athough lacking in magical power schiz has adipted to use a varity of items and tricks to his advantage [age: 120] [magic type: shadow/chaos] Moss(dark green) A long time packmate of schiz and Mallory Moss is a general of the lord of sloth although most can not understand him he is quite wise and knowagable.. [age: 1000+][magic type: earth/neutral] Maliss (light purple text):Former servant of Maxwell from another reality where he became a demon lord. currently being rehabilitated by Schiz and Moss agnist Withers wishes. [age: unknown] [magic type: shadow/chaos] -villains- Charlie aka the night monster (bold text) he likes biting butts and has a feud going on with Mallory (Mallory 4 him 0) F3RR1S Ferris: A human that has a strange obsession with merms, he is Spidina's closest friend and will always try and help all his friends out the best he can. After being experimented on by Elizabeth, Ferris has become part slurtal and part rock lobster.. Spidina (pink text): A Pink Spider with a bow, she is Ferris's closest friend and doesn't really like people who use anything that requires the slaughter of spiders, she used to not like Mallory, but now she is close friends with her. Spidina's mother died in a fire and her remains were eaten by Wyvern, which traumatized her and is the reason she hates those who use spider products. Elizabeth: (grey text)A young lady that can tell the future due to an accident that happened when her and her uncle were trying to create a time-machine. She can 'scan' people and learn about their past, she really ticks Spidina off and she claims to be Wilson's sister. Sally (gold text): A rather young tomboy who likes guns, and tries to solve everything with guns. She is known to under-age drink and she speaks in a Western accent. Wyvern (Purple Text): A former foe Wyvern joined the group to stop Wither after he turned evil, Wyvern is demon with no memory of his past... Wyvern seems to enjoy getting a rise out of Mallory by harassing her and Wilson, and at times tries to eat Spidina.. (Number of times Wyvern's top hat has been ruined: 4 ) Albino: ( pale pink text ) a fearful and cowardly albino bat the group ran into in a cave while adventuring, a childhood friend of Spidina he ended up joining the group. Life is not easy for him now though with two demons who think he would make a better meal than friend.. -vilians- The Pastor: Ex-leader of a Christian cult, he is quite mad and wants to turn demons into statues Mazaal: ( Saddle Brown Text): A former assistan to Maliss was turned into a hound by Moss and has to do 50 good deeds to regain his human form (deeds remaining: 49) Lord_Battal Maxwell (Blue Text) What used to be the most feared throughout the land of Don't Starve is now a fragile man, he tries to act as the boss of the group and speaks down to everyone, but he always fails. (Maxwell death counter: 4) Wither Wither was once a dread enemy of the group, but in a massive battle in the ruins of Baerl Baene, he was killed. He was resurrected by Maxwell, and, freed of the Nightmare Throne's corruption, he rejoined the survivors. Wither is one of the Lord of Deception's four generals, and he serves as the Lord of Terror. His nickname among most demons is 'Soul Eater' as he devoured the soul of The Destroyer, the lord of terror before him. Wilfred (bright green text) An insane old man who believes he has 2 pets named Terence and Mister Fluffles. Eats shadow fuel. _________________________ Hello Ferris, I assume this is over the events that just lead to her irritable mood... you certainly could talk to her, if she had not just stormed off. she came to camp covered in scratches, took some salve from the supplies and left again. I think she left in the direction of her cave .. she goes there when she wants to sulk ... *gives Ferris the map coordinates* It can be hard to find the entrance is a small hole...
  2. The Gloom Beacons: Revived

    Hello everyone! Dannyrulx here, and I'll be bringing back one of my older RP's because I can. Seriously. I had appendicitis, my appendix burst, I had to stay in hospital, the RP died. It was sad, yes, but now it returns! Summons to: @Shonex @MenaAthena @KidneyBeanBoy @Derpime Those were all the oldies! You don't have to use your original characters; Lord knows I 'ain't. For all the rules and a bit of backstory, check out the original RP here: So! Onto character creation! Of course I didn't use Unending and Wave after Wave's one! Who would do that?! Name: Race: History (if you want to keep a secret, that's fine.): Personality: Appearance: Strengths: Weaknesses: Etc:
  3. don't starve RPG roleplay

    So here is how this goes, i start a story playing as a character then you guys add on to the story by playing as you characters, but before you post, add some stuff about your character (note you need not just be don't starve characters,you can be spies, other illegal guys, good guys and cops as well) For eg. Name: Luther Illegal profession: signature forger Best known for: emptying britains bank accounts Loves: watching people. Scream in pain Photo(optional) So I will start with my profile Name:S Illegal profession:thief, Loves: stealing gems,and his cat, Story I've been born with an passion for stealing gems and i always liked to have my personal companion with me.How i found my cat?,well i was travelling minding my own business when an cat came and she tried to get along with i started to like her and i made her my trustfull companion.As the years passed i've gotten an compassion for stealing gems and i started to like having my own necklace.My story begins as i was somehow trapped by an stranger in an unknown world to us.The place seemed rather strange to me.The strange person appeared and he said "in this place your family is not here and you have no way to get to them so i suggest rather find what can you eat and survive how you can if you want to see your family again......and take your pet with you i hate cats!" For the moment i was scared but i listened to his advice.i said to my cat"An shy person like me can't survive much but i guess i can try...",i thought "yeah my cat won't talk back but i guess i needed to get rid of my scared feeling somehow",the place seemed to be full of trees and twigs and grass and flowers were on the ground,i walked a bit and i found what looked like an sinkhole but i wasn't sure if i should enter it. Note:you can have any other ilegal profession there is no limit i just wanted to have my own roleplay i guess
  4. One Last Gasp

    Hey! I'm doing a load of RP's because I'm bored and it's late... Plot: You are one of the many Atlanteans. Your people have conquered the word, your ships sailing from America to Italy and your army has never lost a war. However, great change is coming. Storms are moving in. Flooding is becoming more common... Atlantis is... Sinking... You're a citizen on the large island of Atlantis in it's fatal year before it sinks to the depths. It's a Roman-era RP set outside both the real world and that of DS, so swords, gladiators, senators... It's basically a different Rome. Character: Name: Quintus Ocullam (Sue me) Age: 23 Profession: Businessman extrodinaire Prestige: (This is insanely important, the more prestige, the more well known you are. This has benefits (Senators get let on a lifeboat before street urchins for example) but also disadvantages (No-ones gonna care about a nobody in a crowd, but that rich guy? Gonna get robbed) Fairly well known. Wealth: Comfortable Relationships: Brother who's a well-regarded soldier, father is a senator. Skills: Can use a sword, well-versed, literate, can recite poetry/songs from memory, finance-savvy. (Think about education. Not everyone can read!) This will be a more "personal" RP, so please actually follow your prestige/wealth. Don't have a superstar be ignored by everyone for convenience, and don't have a homeless person bribe a senator. Otherwise... Have fun!
  5. The Aftermath

    Hello I will be doing a RP and I need people to sign up Sign ups will be allowed until Monday June 24 at 12:00 AM forum time. Below I will be putting Character descriptions you will need to chose a color for your character. Max 4 Role Players max 16 Characters 4 each Below is a example (the character I will be using) Name: silver Race: Unicorn Looks like: A white Grey horse with a horn Back Ground: Banished to The Realm (The Land of Don't Starve) for having greater magic then Maxwell. Goal: Leave The Realm with enough strength to defeat Maxwell and become better at Magic and Majic. Text color: Blue Can do magic and Majic[ Can`t use tools Got Hoofs Rules: No Maxwell characters (he is going to be a enemy not a friend) No I am god I can do anything Majic is the turning of elements into other elements Magic is the MOVING of those elements Humans can NOT do magic or Majic however they can build Magic or Majic objects if someone who can do Magic or majic is helping them I MUST accept your character before you can role play Out of character is OOC: *stuff inside stars like this means something is happening* Accepted people Kate Gender: girl Race: Siren Looks Like: a 13 year old girl, skinny, blonde curly hair, short blue dress that goes to her knees, wears a white lace in her hair. Back round: a young siren who thought she was just a normal 13 year old. But she found boys were oddly attracted to her voice. She wanted to stop singing because of it. She ran away from home because the boys were following her. Goal: find a way to get rid of the magic her voice contains. Speaks: in black. Name:Strom Gender:Female Race:Logman (treeguard kid) Looks like:A beautiful woman made of wood.Wears a puffy vest and a winter hat. Background:She was living peacefully with her parents when fire hounds came and burnt down her house.Loves nature. Goal:Find and destroy all hounds. Speaks in:Lime Name: Trunk Gender: Male Race: Koalefant Looks like: a young koalefant that is eternally a winter koalefant. Backstory: A young koalefant that is abandoned by it's mother is raised by a tallbird that is then murdered by maxwell. Goal: To kill Maxwell and avenge the only mother he's ever known: Tree the tallbird. Speaks in:Turquoise. Intro: When Maxwell created The Realm it was a Prison for people he hated even if he hated people just a little but he did no know how meany people he put in there or that they could Escape.