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Found 2 results

  1. i have attached the log file, but i keep getting an error, mainly Orphaned unnamed resource. This resource must have used Add( resource ) to insert itself into the manager. repeatedly, any ideas, help much appreciated! log.txt
  2. Because damn are these things strong. I got killed by 1 Werepig despite wearing an undamaged log suit, a spear and having full health. I don't even know how it happened so fast. I was watching my health meter and it suddenly went from little below average to death, so I guess the thing either got a critical hit or he broke my bloody log suit. And I'm not even sure if I actually hit the him because as far as I know, the only time when you can hit him in a proper battle of strength is when he's attacking. That's not a big window, especially considering you have to get freaking hit in order to land an attack. And even if I hit it, there was no indicator and I must've hit it at least 7 times. I know Beefalo less bulky then that!And this was just 1 bloody Werepig, and if it wasn't for the very sudden drop in health I would've danced around my Vision of Hell level Campfire 'till morning. Now think about newcomers who will likely have more then 1 pig chasing after them after they first find out you can have them as bodyguards, or folks who forget to check the moon phase when gathering their pig army to conquer a few spider nests on yonder island. They'll have to fend of more of these things near a too small campfire. I dunno about you, but that sounds like an extremely unfair way to die in a game that's otherwise quite fair when it comes to death.My proposition: Remove kiting from Werepigs, make them less bulky and have the character make an off hand comment if it's the evening before full moon. To even this out, Werepigs should stop dropping Pig Skin. I propose 2 monster meat and 1 normal meat or something.