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  1. This seems like a nice place to come up with a full list of "Don't Starve Logic" moments. 1. Grass=basic armor o_0 2. You can run right into a herd of Beefalo and start shepherding all the baby beefalo away, and the parents won't give a crap.(Unless it's their season) 3. The crockpot works without having to light a fire. All I can think of for the moment. The rest of you are welcome to make additions. EDIT: For quick finding purposes, the full Compendium is now listed below. The Don't Starve Logical Compendium 160 "Don't Starve Logic" moments. 1. Grass-Armor 2. You can run right into a herd of Beefalo and start shepherding all the baby beefalo away, and the parents won't give a crap.(Unless it's their season) 3. The crockpot works without having to light a fire. 4. how the hell would I make a science machine with 3 gold, 4 logs, and 4 rocks.. While I can't make a single shovel... 5.You can make purple carpets out of gray beefalo hair but not gray carpets. 6. cant sleep on ground 7. Gold is more durable than flint. 8. We can carry entire sections of wall in our pockets. 9. Cooking things on a fire results in them getting sliced. 10. Crockpot magically creates tableware. 11. We can carry manure in our pocket without it contaminating our food that is in that same pocket. 12. We can make boards and cut stones with our bare hands. 13. We can carry a stone so hot it's giving out light. 14. We can make science machines that break laws of physics and create unspeakable magic. But can't make doors. 15. pig people. 16. Oh? A living plant is following me - I should eat it 17. Beard Hair? - More lives 18. Surrounded by monsters - I should sleep 19. This log from the treeguard is screaming - I shall keep it 20. A strange creature is following me - I'll shove my poop and food into him for storage. 21. We can plant butterflies. 22. We can't break logs but from meat effigy logs can we break? 23. We don't need do drink anything 24. We don't need to go to toilet 25 We can heal hunger damge using a banage.. 26. Tents will set themselves up and magically disappear after being used too much. 27. Winter and summer each last less than a month. 28. Dead people are often buried with their bath plugs and garden gnomes. 29. You can make jerky in two days. (IRL it takes a few weeks at the very least.) 30. Spoiled vegetables will be fine again if you put them next to fresh veggies. 31. Cooking meat in a crock pot will magically conjure a large pot to hold the resulting stew. 32. You can eat said pot along with the stew. 33. You can make a thermometer with wood and gold. (The glass and mercury will simply appear.) 34. You can keep yourself from freezing in the winter if you have a beard. 35. A librarian can make books with magic abilities. 36. A man can rip his clothes and regrow them. 37. An infinite lighter. 38. A mime with infinite balloons. 39. Respawning pigs and merms. 40. Butter from butterflies. 41. Maxwell is even having to survive in the 1st place. 42. wickerbottom can control lightning with an alchemy engine, but Wilson the genius can't with a shadow manipulator 43. flattened logs<beard hair scraps for fire 44. You GAIN sanity if a bipedal pig is stalking you?!?!?! 45. Wickerbottom examin beefalo: hmm looks like a bos taurus. examine wool: long folicles harvesed from the beefalo. now she know's the animal's name. 46. You can put poop on nearly anything and it will instantly grow. 47.There are evil hands that will put out your fire. 48.Your hallucinations, which are not physical, will eat you. 49.You can jump down the throat of a massive worm and magically teleport to another location. 50.There are lobsters made from rock which have impossibly flexible feelers. 51.3 merms live in one ruined house which appears as though it can only barely hold one. 52.You can eat lightbulbs. 53. Feeding a pig some petals causes it to instantly produce, quite a large pile of poop 54. Only one in four pigs have skin and those pigs, however, don't have anything in their skin 55. Said pigs heads yield 2 skins when impaled on spikes 56. Strapping feathers and the genitalia of large tentacles to your head makes animals think you are a bird 57. Some dogs yield gems when they die 58. Walruses have the nicest hats available in the whole game 59. Most bats don't have wings 60. Some spiders consists only of their glands 61. There are no pants available 62. Pigs have kings who give you gold for crap 63. There are "evil" flowers 64. Using a live vegetable and other stuff results in flute that puts animals to sleep 65. A person able to build houses for pigs, putting together a teleportation device, build resurrection machines, reviving amulets, etc, are still not able to build a boat to sail away from a goddamn island tree beasts drop meat 67.the best warmth-giving headgear is as as good as the best warmth-giving body gear, despite covering probably less than 10% as much area (big-head art style notwithstanding) 68. The Icebox works without any apparent power supply. 69. WX-78 never rusts or at the very least, has to perform self-maintenance. 70. Otto von Chesterfield never gets hungry. 71. Monster Meat. 72. You can eat wet goop. As if it was a good idea. 73. You can make explosives out of a rotten egg, yellow crap from a rock, and charcoal. 74. Wilson seems to think it's a good idea to try and harvest honey from a bee box without smoking the bees first. 75. A Box Thing takes up the same amount of space as 20 wooden logs, or Deerclops Eyeballs. 76. Despite the fact that Wendy is likely very young, she can mine rocks and chop trees just as well as Wolfgang. 77. Wes somehow has the right to exist. JK. The walking cane lets a character walk faster. Irl, a walking cane generally makes you go slower. 78. Walruses can craft Scottish hats. 79. Charlie can somehow completely surround you when you're in darkness, and completely vanish into thin air when you get out a torch or other light source. 80. Charlie never sets off any tooth traps or other such alarm systems. 81. Honey spoils. 82. As does butter. 83. When you kill a bird, you get either morsel or just one feather. 84. You can kill anything with enough whacks of a flimsy flint-on-a-stick and dodging...and you never run out of breath. 85. You can kill bees, flies and butterflies with a spear. 86. And your fists. 87. Powdercakes, the essential permanent survival food, is absolutely useless, despite lasting almost forever. 88. Fish+Sticks=Fishsticks 89. Using a spear to make a staff doesn't give you back your flint. 90. The Deerclops's legs are way too tiny for a body like that. 91. Every walrus seen has a Tam'O Shanter but only a small number drop it 92. Hounds that catch on fire upon death 93. You need to mine about four boulders to create a firepit, half the size of one boulder 94. Pigs talk and claim to love you for giving them spider meat 95. Massive horns break after blowing them 5 times 96. You don't get any antlers from deerclopses 97. Bushes are not renewable 98. Some trees don't reproduce 99. Beefaloes give birth after 0 days of pregnancy 100. The most useful thing about a scientist is his ability to produce beard 101. Four bees can easily kill a dog 102. Tentacles with genitalia doesn't reproduce 103. Giant spider warriors can be caught in traps made of grass 104. Wearing the head of their dead queen make spiders obey you 105. You can hide under your own hat 106. Mixing some fruits in a crock pot, creates a glass to contain the mashed fruits 107. Meatballs consists of three quarters berries 108. Pies made of one fruit and three sticks 109. Walruses, the size of bunnies 110. Giant rabbits only come out at dusk, normal ones run screaming for their holes at the same time 111. Violent bishops 112. Protected by head butting horses 113. Spiders drop as much meat as hounds 114. Most hounds don't have a single tooth 115. Bats make as much poop as beefaloes 116. Monster Meat Hurts. 117. Meat from hounds and meat from Spiders is exactly the same. 118. Treeguards have meat. 119. The Deerclops exists, despite having no obvious place to hide during summer. 120. Lightbulbs, electricity, even a lightning rod, but no lamp posts or genuine permanent light source that doesn't require constant refueling. 121. All neutral creatures don't get mad when you shoot them with sleep darts. 122. Putting four drumsticks into the crockpot just gives you meatballs. I guess the bones are totally useless, then? 123. Earthquakes only ever happen underground, instead of above ground. 124. The Pig King values hard rubber bungs and lying robots over food, grass, and other vital things needed to live. 125. Reeds are shovel-proof. 126. Tallbirds are meatier than pigs. 127. Lureplants. 128. When Lureplants drop veggie meat, despite the fact that it's been ripe on the stalk the whole time, it's rotten the moment you go to pick it up. 129. When one Eyeplant gets lit on fire, despite the fact that more often than not, all other eyeplants and the meatbulb are far away from each other, they all light on fire within a few seconds. 130. An almighty pissed off treeguard will stop caring if you go and plant a few pinecones. 131. Underground rocks almost always have gold in them. 132. Apparently, Krampus's sack is usually just a mirage, because most of the time, his sack disappears when he dies. 133. Day night cycles consist of morning fading into afternoon, then night, then Maxwell getting tired of waiting for the Grue to munch on the player, and flicking the instant daylight switch. 134. When you capture a bird, you can make it eat fruit and spit out seeds. But you can't feed the bird fruit out in the wild. Or anything. Period. 135. Regular bird eggs never hatch, but Tallbird egg hatching is a long, involved and irritating process. 136. If a tallbird egg freezes while hatching, instead of getting some meat or something, you get WET GOOP. Despite the fact that there should be a full smallbird in there. 137. Your dreams let you kill enemies, and protect you, but you can't dream a way off the continent you're on. 138. Someone actually tried to grow a Metal Potato. 139. Instead of a Spider Queen being born in the relative safety of a nest/den, the Queen decides to BE the den at some point. 140. The Grue disappears in darkness, but when sanity is low, he just goes right ahead and uses a hand to try and snuff out your campfire. 141. A bird can eat 20 Durians, 30 Dragon Fruits, but start having a tantrum if you try to feed it monster meat. 142. Sticks are a crockpot item. 143. Wilson can make freaking gunpowder, but the idea of using the gunpowder to make something that shoots something bullet-shaped, out of say...maybe, a gun....never occurs to him. 144. There is light in the caves coming from the ceiling in some areas, despite the fact that all the sinkholes are plugged. 145. A group of 10 cute, cuddly Pengulls are stronger than an equal pack of hounds. 146. You use tentacle genitals as a weapon. 147.Wilson can carry an entire inventory full of marble suits just fine, but when he puts one on he is very, very slow. 148.You can use a stick, some hallucination juice and some gears to make a radio on a stick that acts as a teleporter locator. 149.The beefalo hat has two horns on it, but only takes one to craft. 150.Cooking a dragonfruit with some sticks gets you a pie. 151.There are saplings that never grow into trees and have no leaves. 152.A cursed canadian can turn into a beaver after chopping too many trees. 153.A librarian can write and bind a leather book using nothing but two sheets of paper and tentacle genitals. 154:Feeding spiky fruits to Pigs makes them turn into Werewolves. 155:You can make a Backpack from Grass and Twigs. 156:You can attach an axe head to a twig without rope. 157:Making a statue out of wood,meat and beard makes you weaker. 158:Said statue revives you if you die. 159:Tiny poops from Pengulls are as effective as Huge poops from Beefalo. 160:A girl that likes fire is immune to it. 161. Oh no! My ghost sister is wounded! I'll fix that. *puts a sticky bandage on a ghost and it heals her* 162- I just ate 100 overly caloric powder cakes, I'm just as hungry 163- a cat raccoon just puked this up, I can eat it with no negative effects 164- How can this fishsticks, a horrible, deep-fried, breaded food, somehow make you healthier? 165-Woody can, as a human, eat all sorts of wood and not ruin his digestive tract.