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Found 26 results

  1. I'm willing to buy some extra game copy of the game. Message me for negotiating.
  2. Chat Binds

    Version _spat_can_breed


    Steam Workshop Version: This mod allows you to instantly send a chat message in just a press of a button. Press 'Ctrl + Shift + F6' to toggle the mod on or off. Edit your chat binds via the 'chatbinds.lua' file of this mod. The file is located in the '...\mods\workshop-921637415' folder. How to make your own chat binds: Go to your Don't Starve Together game directory. It will usually be at '...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Don't Starve Together'. If you have gotten the game during Closed Beta or Early-Access, then your game directory will be '...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Don't Starve Together Beta'. Next, go to the 'mods' folder. Then to the 'workshop-921637415' folder. Then open the 'chatbinds.lua' file. The file will have placeholder chat binds at first, but you can change, remove, and add your own chat binds. You can go ahead and remove all the placeholder chat binds, but you can keep them if you want. Now, onto making your own chat bind. Here's a template: { K, "This is an example of a sentence" ,"print", }, What this this does is make you send the message 'This is an example of a sentence' whenever you press the 'K' key on your keyboard. Now, let's add a second chat bind: { K, "This is an example of a sentence" ,"print", }, { V, "My hunger is <hunger> over <maxhunger>" ,"print","whisper","shift" }, What this does is include your current hunger and max hunger in the message. So if you have 90 current hunger and 150 max hunger, then the chat message you will send is 'My hunger is 90 over 150'. Also, notice that there are two more tags, "whisper" and "shift". The "whisper" tag means that your chat message is only whispered to nearby players instead of everyone on the server. The "shift" tag means that hotkey to send the message becomes 'Shift + V' instead of just 'V'. If you add a "ctrl" tag too, then the hotkey becomes 'Ctrl + Shift + V'. Now, let's add a third chat bind: { K, "This is an example of a sentence" ,"print", }, { V, "My hunger is <hunger> over <maxhunger>" ,"print","whisper","shift" }, { F8, {"I've got heads", "I've got tails", } ,"print", }, What this does is randomly choose which one of the messages will be sent. Upon pressing the 'F8' key, you have a 50% chance to say 'I've got heads' and a 50% chance to say 'I've got tails'. You can put as much messages as you like and they will all have an equal chance of being picked. Now, 'chatbinds.lua' should look like this: Hopefully, those examples are good enough of an explanation for how to make your own chat binds. It's very easy as long as you understand what goes where. A list of available keys is located in the '...\mods\workshop-921637415\keys.lua' file. There are more you can do with this mod though. Here is a list of how you can customise your chat binds: Shortcut Result <health> Your character's current health. <maxhealth> Your character's maximum health. <me> Your current in-game name. <hunger> Your character's current hunger. <maxhunger> Your character's maximum hunger.. <sanity> Your character's current sanity. <maxsanity> Your character's maximum sanity. <wetness> Your character's current moisture. <maxwetness> Your character's maximum moisture. <temperature> Your character's current temperature. <beaverness> Your character's current beaverness. <lasttarget> The name of your most recent combat target. <direction> The direction that your camera is facing. <mouse> The name of the entity that your mouse is over. <mouse_distance> The distance in metres between your character and the entity under your mouse. <nearestplayer> The name of the player nearest to your character. <nearestplayer_distance> The distance between your character and the nearest player. <nearestplayer_direction> The direction of the nearest player from your character. Tag Effect "whisper" The message will be whispered to nearby players instead of being sent to everyone. "shift" Requires the 'Shift' key to be held down to send the message. "ctrl" Requires the 'Ctrl' key to be held down to send the message. "ignoreshift" Sends the message regardless whether the 'Shift' key is down or not. "ignorectrl" Sends the message regardless whether the 'Ctrl' key is down or not. "print" Also prints the message in your console as you send it to chat. "private" The message appears privately on your screen only. "allownil" Stops the default behaviour wherein your message does not get sent if one of the shortcuts returns nil. "nonrandom" Stops the default behaviour of randomly choosing messages from a table, and chooses each messages in sequence instead. "nodelay" Ignores the delay between sending each message. May cause severe connection issues if abused. "shortdelay" Shortens the delay between sending each message from one second to half a second.
  3. Hey guys <3 I'm running this blog and for the sake of completionism, I would love to upload the journals that used to be on the old DS site/blog.I can't find them, though. Anywhere. I was hoping someone here has them archived and can lend a hand. Maybe the mod who wrote the things? They were quite amusing.
  4. 100 Days! I finally beat my record. (Which was 60 Days.) But now, i've gotten much farther than i expected... 100 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahem, so i decided to kill myself on Day 101. (Kinda regret that, but whatever.) So i officially survived 100 Days. And i thought to myself... "If I'm gonna beat that... I'm gonna have to have a good character..." So i thought and thought and thought... Until i decided to look to you guys. So, what do you guys think? Which character should i go with? Which one next? Tell me! Don't be shy! Btw, getting to 100 Days takes foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr................ Ahem, so...? TELL MEHHHH!
  5. I have been playing on Chrome since I bought Don't Starve, but am sick of playing it within a browser and want to activate it on Steam, but when I try to generate a Steam key, it says I can only do it by buying the game on the Chrome store??Where did I buy it from if I didn't buy it through Chrome (I only installed Chrome so I could get this game)??Also, I only have the 1 Chrome key - is this correct?Thanks in advance
  6. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform SteamVersion Number 71378 Issue title All Display Options Grayed Out Steps to reproduce With the exception of bloom, all display options in the settings area are grayed out. Describe your issue I'm playing the game on a Bootcamped iMac with Windows XP and current video drivers installed (256mb ATI Radeon card). I can enabled and disable Bloom, but all other display options including Fullscreen, Display, Resolution, and Refresh Rate are grayed out with no ability to change or toggle. The result of this is that the windowed mode is an awkward size on the screen. I can maximize the window, but if I do, the mouse hitbox moves far left of cursor.
  7. Hey everyone, a quick question : would it be possible (ever?) to play the game on Chrome even though I bought the game on Steam? This would be an advantage (for me at least) and would enable players to enjoy the game wherever they may travel (away from their main Steam machine, most of the time a desktop computer). If anyone knows about this, please let me know - much appreciated! Many thanks, Tiberiu D.
  8. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 70828 Issue title Bee Mine serious bug Steps to reproduce Bee mines doesn't deplete while kept in backpack they swarm out kill almost everything so free loot, unless you misclick a bee with a weapon equipped Describe your issue I built 10 bee mines and kept them in my backpack and in my normal inventory in order to unleash them all on 3 spider queens. While going to the battlefield i stopped near pigmen to recruit them as cannon fodder. While approaching the first pigmen (while giving him meat) bees started to swarm out in increasing number and wiped out all the village My bee mines didn't get depleted from that and kept spawning bees I rushed straight to the spider queens and with the same tecnique (going very close to them) i spawned something like 300-400 bees. all attacking spiders and everything that come close to me,neutral creeps and spiders alike. Seems that this bug can affect the difficulty of killing almost anything, nothing can stand against a swarm of bees that size without the effort of gathering them one by one.
  9. A little broke ATM and am a bit tired of restarting every 16 minutes. Anyone got a spare key to give away?
  10. I wanted to put the volume up but clicked the wrong key on my keyboard and this appeared... How do i get rid of it??? :S
  11. Alright... So, I was browsing the forums, a newly forming habit, and I have seen many posts and threads about saved games not loading and what-nought. I initially didn't think much of it, because it wasn't happening for me, but then it got me thinking, "Are they talking about games not saving when they come back to play again (as in not dying, just leaving for the night for example), or are they talking about when they die, they cannot come back to continue where their last save was?" Might be kind of a derp question, but is the game supposed to allow you to start back from your last save if you died without an amulet or meat effigy? I guess that would defeat the purpose of an amulet/meat effigy, and take the difficulty out of the game.
  12. Hello Ladies And Gents! I am doing a giveaway for don't starve over at my channel! I also have lots of cool gameplay for it ! Check it out! Entering is simple and won't kill you ;D! Here is the video! Enjoy :
  13. Hi Guys, i killed two hounds today which dropped hounds tooths.. What is the use for them ? greetings!
  14. Title says it all basically. I want 1 Don't Starve key for Chrome and I'm willing to offer any Steam game within that price range. Why not buying the key myself then? The reason for that is that I don't have access to a credit card or paypal AND I play on mac, which makes it impossible to purchase a key for chrome. However, Steam supports iDeal, which is my normal payment method for online purchases and can be done in a few minutes' worth time. So take a pick ranging between 1 - 20 euro for a Steam game. Interested? Leave a post here or add me on Steam: JoaJC
  15. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Chrome Version Number 69828 Issue title Cant pick up or use any item. Steps to reproduce Writing a report for the previous bug, while leaving the game paused. Happened when returned to game. Describe your issue Pressing any item just sets off the generic text, for example when trying to use a log from backpack, it says "Its all piney" and nothing happens. Same thing with all of the items + all the items on the map. Except for tools. Tools can be equipped, but other things just examined. Returning to the Main menu and then back to game doesn't fix it. P.S. Using a Mac Mountain Lion, with Chromium.
  16. i have a $30 alice in wonderland madness returns key i would like to trade it for a dont starve key chrome or steam is fine the alice game is from gamestop so i will also give you my gamestop online account which has some points on will need the acc in order to download alice
  17. Hi, I want to trade: Don't starve (chrome) key (3.90$)* you can contact me on steam ( or just PM me (or skype, Ill PM you), you will go first (I have vounchers + proof) or if you have more than me, I can go first UPDATE: 1 key left! Last update: Sold last key, thanks for trades
  18. Hello everyone, For this key I will make you a 3d intro, YouTube background, YouTube logo, desktop background and a splash screen art for Don't Starve (for people planning on doing a lets play) Hope someone can fix me up with a product key for either steam (preferred) or Google chrome From oflo24
  19. Very nice! I like it! What about to make them more? )
  20. If honey production is based on proximitous flowers (as I have read) then shouldn't we be able to plant flowers? It would also help that we could plan ahead to heal by gathering planted petals.
  21. hey cant play dont starve on steam but i tried the demo on chrome and its working but only on chrome -.- so i put 20€ on steam buyed it and cant play it so i want the chrome key if you want to swap it just write an pm to me
  22. Trading dont starve for steam games, not accepting beta keys, dota2 and such.
  23. You must give key first, and it must work. ( If you didn't get it, I want the chrome key) steam link removed for privacy> add me. Trade is done! Thanks to:
  24. Hey all, I've got 4 extra DotA 2 Beta Keys at Steam. So if anyone has 1 or 2 spare "Don't Starve" games (-keys (?)) and wants to exchange it with the 4 keys feel free to tell me . (Exchange over Steam.) Greetz Zimplizity
  25. you should be able to fish in the sea but that would require bait such as worms that could be implimented into the game. you could also make a boat to fish in but if you go out to far you will be attacked by a swarm of sharks or a giant squid. you could also fish stuff out such as a treasure chest that has different loot in it every time and an old worn out boot. I hope you have the time to impliment these into the game as it would add more variety to the game. -T4Y13O