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  1. DSTEd - The IDE for Don't Starve Together Hey There The development of content for DST is quickly hard for newbies. Currently, i'm developing an IDE, a Code Editor for DST based on electron and node.js Comming Features Develop your Mods in LUA-Language Syntax highligtning Mod-specific projects DST-API ModInfo Editor Integrated Steam-Workshop Asset-Editor Console/Logger And lots of more... Develop your Mods in LUA-Language As usual, you programming your Mods in LUA-Language. But you don't need to search your Mods folder for specific files. Your Projects and Files will be listed under the same editor. DST-API You search a Method or Functions to implement a Feature? With DSTEd you have a complete overview of all possible entry points of Don't Starve Together. ModInfo-Editor Don't create your modinfo.lua in plain text; With DSTEd you will have a nice Editor for that. Integrated Steam-Workshop For the development do you often go back to finished mods? Download finished Mods directly from DSTEd. Asset-Editor Don't extract orpack Assets. DSTEd makes it for you. The basic idea is to use Photoshop or other image processing programs in addition. The first question was, which method I use for the implementation. The answer was very difficult to answer. I chose ecletron to use it on other platforms as well. DSTEd will be running on Windows, Linux derivates and OS X in 32bit and 64bit. Currently, DSTEd is under development and not finished for productive usement. If you want to help out, you can participate in the development over GitHub: