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Found 1 result

  1. ~The Circus~

    !WELCOME! Map of the cell block below! ~Chapter One~ The Ride to Hell Have all your suitcases ready? We’re getting on the train ride to hell! After a long period of time of poor, hard, and grueling survival, all your luck seems to have run out, and you’ve been forcefully loaded into a cargo hold on the Circus Express by a bunch of ruthless robots! The hold is dark, made of durable metal, and with the only thing being in it an old intercom system taken from a school whose mascot was an artichoke. Talk about a crummy costume choice. Whatever your opinions on Artichokes are, you all begin to hate the reek of artichokes that the cracking intercom system emanates every second of the day. It’s been a long time, and the train seems to keep going and going, picking up more passengers every day and loading them up into cargo holds. Will the ride ever end? Well If you’d stop being so impatient, maybe you’d get an answer! As, just as you think that in your pathetic non superior squishy, imaginary, funny, cold blooded, slimy, sweet, and metallic but still dumb brains, the terribly smelly intercom system crackles to life! “Hello there, new recruits! We’ve picked up as many passengers as we can hold, and we’re going to make our way quickly to the big house! This process should talk about a day or two, so get yourselves pumped up, and conserve your energy, because you dumb creatures are going to be battling it out for the good and amusement of all robotic kind! Tah tah for now~!” After hearing such a handsome voice, you realize that you haven’t really interacted with your fellow cargomates all that much on the weeks of travelling. Who knows what lies ahead? This might be the last chance you have… Info Thread Below And here’s the rules again! ~RULES~ 1.Don’t be too overpowered 2. Respect other players and ask permission before ending their lives 3. Beating the crap out of them is okay though 4.But it’s mean and hurts a lot and makes them sads 5. Try to make your posts longer than a sentence 6. Don’t join in the roleplay before your character gets accepted 7. Fill out the forums completely 8. Be nice 9. Have the fun times 10. yay 11. Try not to assume the layout or looks of certain areas. Maps will be provided when nessecary. Current list of Characters Please note, this order is also the order that your character arrived on the train. @Donke60 [You were brought along to give our new recrutis a warm welcome!] Rest in peace, you beautiful cheese man @Sketched_Philo @Youknowwho @DwerBomb @~Matt @Zeklo @Paxtonnnn @DragonMage156 [You've been placed in the cargo crate right next ta our little bundle of joy! Hopefully you're okay with strangers] @MenaAthena [You're that person in the corner nobody looked at.] @Destros09 [please stand by]