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Found 5 results

  1. Sounds ridiculous, BUT, will actually give some help during winter, if you happen to eat about 50 more hunger points than your maximum, you'll start to go fat and at first it's unnoticeable (will reduce your speed by -1%, provide 3 seconds of insulation) and if you go under 50 hunger, you'll start to lose weight as you return to normal (1 per minute)If you happen to eat over a 100 more than your maximum, your character may say "I ate more than I needed", "Too much food for Wolfgang!", etc., The more points you have over 50, the more you'll get fatter till let's say 30 points (So that's 90 seconds of insulation but makes you 30% slower) it'll actually start to make your attacks weaker, but all that weight adds flesh! So you'll gain 1% of protection yet lose 1% of attack power.Overall this encourages people that if they have a surplus of food supply, to thrive through the winter (but not too much!)Tl;drEat too much food, go slower but last longer in the cold, eat so much it provides protection but makes you weakerAlso, WX-78 is immune to getting fat.Open to critism, I just thought this up while I was full (Im quite normal in real life though)
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72968 Issue title Killer bees glitching before new bee spawns Steps to reproduce 1) Catch bee with bug net 2)Killer bees glitch in and then vanish before new bee spawns out of bee hive. Describe your issue When I catch a regular bee in a bug net when next to a bee hive, right after catching the bee a few killer bees will appear then vanish quickly before a new bee spawns out of the bee hive.
  3. See, my idea is that the character changes depending on what the player has been doing alot of.For example, if you eat meat every time you food bar goes down 10 then your character will get fatter and more hungerAnd if you chop down alot of tree and gather alot of materials he will get dirtier and collect fasterkill alot of good mobs he will get bloodier and look stronger and scarierkill bad mobs get also bloodier, stronger, and badasser and maybe more healtheat bad food get sick, food goes down fasteryada yada yada you get the point
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title deja vu fish (15 characters) Steps to reproduce just fishing Describe your issue well... im not sure but, in some fishing pools i just hooked the fish out of the water and BEFORE the fish comes a flash fish appears... sorry but i dont know how to splain it. http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/9237/bugfishingx2.png the real one is the hooked (on the bottom) and the "illusionary" is the other. (its illusionary because after hook this fish the other one dissapear)
  5. First of all, I haven't found any posts upon this topic, so if there is indeed some, excuse me. What I have is just an idea about eating a lot should make the character a little more chubby over time (as well as longer starving periods might have the opposite effect) as a visual feedback of well-being and also this might add a new color to the already-very-cool artwork.