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Found 2 results

  1. So I have made a 100 procent efficient Electrolyzer. I have seen it done else were before. It exploits the sensing of pressure by using water and polluted water. I have run the system for 200 cycles with out the Air filter and I have had to repair the Hydrogen generator 2 or 3 times. There is some problems with this build it is not 100% secure. If there is any other gas in the airflow tile above the electrolyzer it will put oxygen in to hydrogen chamber. But if u plan were you place the building then there should not be any problems. And it will continue producing oxygen even if there is over 1800 g of oxygen in the surrounding. The Air filter is not necessary but I have config it so that as long there is hydrogen then it will not draw any power. It is set to filtrate hydrogen. This is working in OU-230787 Build.
  2. Time for a new game breaking exploit. What I use is lots and lots of liquid oxygen. 500 kg per tile and a skim of on the top were the cooling is done. This setup when it is done requires basically no power. Well you have to get in PO and O2 our some how but the conversion is basically free. When have setup it after it I have converted at least 3000 kg of PO to O2 and the Thermo regulator havent run even once yet. It dont look so nice. Because I have done it with out debug mode. it took some time to collect the 4000 kg of liquid O2 for the system.